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Outdoor Painting Tips & My Garage Makeover

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Hi lovelies! I am working on so many great things that I can’t even post about yet…gggrr! However, I can post about two tutorials that are available (and written by yours truly) over on the True Value DIY Squad website.

The first is my garage makeover. I’ll admit it is not nearly as organized as it looks in the photo below because we’ve been working on the foyer/hallway makeover and cutting TONS of moldings.


I offer some practical advice and tips in the post that you can implement in your garage to make it more DIY friendly for those of us weekend warriors.

Up next is an outdoor painting project that has made my patio SO much brighter. That awful salmon colored paint drove me bonkers, and I am thrilled it’s gone from that space. We still have the rest of the trim on the house to paint though. It never ends.


Enjoy those updates, and I’ll be back later this week with more DIY ideas. Stay warm!

Dariela Cruz

Wednesday 19th of November 2014

Wow! Love what you do with your place, thanks for sharing Monica!

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