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Corpus Christi Thrift Stores Guide

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I love shopping my fave Corpus Christi Thrift Stores for unique bargains and finds for my home decor. I usually visit at least a handful of these shops every week, and on my Instagram I am constantly asked where I shop…hence this list was born.

This list is meant to compliment my Corpus Christi Antique Stores Guide, so if you need some retail therapy pick a few from each list and enjoy a fabulous shopping experience.

Corpus Christi thrift stores guide: Goodwill burl wood chest in a home office

To keep this list of Corpus Christi Thrift Stores organized, I am listing these locations in alphabetical order along with a short paragraph about what I’ve noticed and like about each one. Happy shopping!

Last Updated October 2020

The Cottage Shop

Address: Driscoll Children’s Hospital (Portable building behind the Rehabilitation building)
Phone Number: (361) 694-4798
Best For: Supporting a good cause and finding new items
NOTE: this shop has VERY limited hours!

I have yet to make it out to this resale shop, but they offer a wide variety of items per their website. This shop is also one that points out that local businesses tend to donate new items to them, so try to squeeze in a visit during your lunch break.

Debora’s Worth Repeating

Address: 10102 Leopard St, Corpus Christi, TX 78410
Phone Number: (361) 242-2855
Best For: Decor/Art

This shop feels like a mashup of antique/thrift/consignment store, and you will have to head to the Calallen area to shop here, but it’s worth it plus you can also visit Blue Moon Vintage next door and the Goodwill (which are all on Leopard).

The owner is very friendly and makes it a point to state she’s negotiable on items. There’s a lot to see, and I encourage you to look up at the art/decor on the walls. That’s where most of the stuff I really loved was.

Family Thrift Center

Address: 4801 Ayers St, Corpus Christi, TX 78415
Phone Number: (361) 853-8891
Best For: People who also are looking for children’s items

This is located on Ayers right off Crosstown and SPID, and it can be a bit hectic to access due to construction. The one time I went it was very packed (back in 2019) and they had a ton of dining wares/housewares at reasonable prices.

Good Shepherd Resale Shop

Address: 1809 S Alameda St, Corpus Christi, TX 78404
Phone Number: (361) 883-0281
Best For: Chinoiserie/Asian Decor Lovers
NOTE: this shop has limited hours!

I had been trying to get into this store FOR YEARS, and the hours are just kinda wonky. I recently finally made it over during their limited business hours, and it’s a very well kept, clean shop. They have way more chinoiserie/Asian decor than other places I’ve seen.

The prices can be a bit on the upper end, but they have a consignment style pricing structure, so check the date on the price tag and see if it’s eligible for a lower price. Make it a lunch date and hit up Hester’s right across the street- make sure to save room for dessert.

Goodwill (Multiple Locations)

Address: Several Locations
Best For: Thrill of the Hunt

There are several Goodwill locations in the Coastal Bend, including locations in Flour Bluff and Portland, so there’s likely one near you. I tend to find great seasonal things here– like these ceramic pumpkins that I transformed into DIY chinoiserie pumpkins.

Corpus Christi thrift stores guide: DIY goodwill pumpkin makeover using a Cricut

I frequent the one on Saratoga, and I have to say some visits I find nothing and then other times I find a lot. I recommend visiting mid-week when they likely have new donations out on the floor that haven’t been snatched up by weekend crowds. They also have 50% off days on a few Saturdays each month to help your dollar stretch further.

Hi Again Resale

4310 Kostoryz Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78415
Phone Number: (361) 851-4051
Best For: Kitchen/dining accessories

I recently came upon this charity resale shop, and I love knowing my shopping supports a good cause. The shop is very clean, organized and they often have half off days that make their items a TOTAL BARGAIN.

My fave find was a beautiful framed floral print (below) I snagged for $3.50 on half off day, as well as tole trays for less than $5 each. The prices are AMAZING at this Corpus Christi thrift store.

Corpus Christi thrift stores guide: Find home decor accessories and furniture at bargain prices.

I noticed a ton of beautiful plates, glassware, and decor along with a decent amount of furniture at fair prices.

Retail Therapy Thrift Store

6053 Weber Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78413
Phone Number: (361) 723-0070
Best For: Small decor accessories

I tend to come here on Wednesdays when they let you spin the wheel for an extra discount (yay for more money in my pocket for Corpus Christi thrift stores!), but I almost always walk out buying something (like this gorgeous statue of David bust that I spray painted black)!

Their small decor pieces are often some of the best in town, and they also tend to have great accent furniture pieces.

Corpus Christi thrift stores guide: Find home decor accessories and furniture at bargain prices.

Make sure to join their loyalty program at checkout– the coupons they send are fab and they let you stack them! They also always ask if you want to donate $1 to The Cattery, so please just say yes and help out those cute kitties.

Rising Tide Ministries Resale Shop

Address: 9841 SPID, Corpus Christi, TX, 78418
Phone Number: (361) 939-9099
Best For: Small housewares/decor
NOTE: this shop has limited hours!

I’ve been here once, and I thought they had plenty of inventory. A little limited on furniture the time I went, but they had a whole back room filled with art and frames. Well worth the visit, and you can also visit the Goodwill in Flour Bluff which is a few blocks down on the SPID access road.

One thing I noticed is many items did not have prices, but the staff was super friendly. They also are very active on Facebook and post their specials/deals often.

Salvation Army Resale Shop

Address: 5042 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78411
Phone Number: (361) 851-0723
Best For: Large furniture/appliances

This store is massive and definitely has a HUGE selection of furniture and lamps at all times. That being said, the prices can be a smidge high… if you go on the second Saturday of the month, the whole store is half off.

They also have daily sales where you can save 50% on items tagged a certain color (excludes furniture). That’s how I got this swoonworthy dutch art floral with peach velvet matting for $8ish.

CCTX: Find home decor accessories and furniture at bargain prices.

Thrift Store Shopping Tips

I share my passion for thrifting for home decor items on my Instagram often, and there’s plenty of inspiration on my highlights over there, too, but here’s some general tips you should keep in mind when thrifting.

  • Overlook the color of items: many home decor items can easily be spray painted or gilded gold. Try to see what it could be instead of what it is.
  • Brass items: some of the ugliest, most tarnished brass pieces can end up being polished back to their former glory using Bar Keepers Friend or Brasso. Don’t know if it’s real brass? Do the magnet test- if a magnet sticks to it, it’s not brass.
  • Clean your items: I try to wash all the items I buy AS SOON AS I GET HOME. If it’s something you can’t put under running water, use a Clorox wipe or disinfectant spray. For linens or anything like that, wash them!
  • Four items I will almost always buy: pedestals to make items taller, gorgeous frames/art, beautiful bust sculptures and furniture that is unique (like this $10 dresser below that I transformed completely).

Thrift Store Mistakes to Avoid

It easy, so easy, to get caught up in the cheap thrills that can happen when you thrift. To avoid becoming a hoarder, I have developed and refined a FAIL PROOF three-step process to ensure I don’t both waste money and end up donating the item I just bought.

Here’s how to apply my process to your purchases:

  • Would you bother packing it if you had to move in a month? If the answer is no, or if you think it’d end up in the “donation” box right back to the thrift store, don’t buy it.
  • Are you only buying it because of FOMO (fear of missing out)? If you’re only buying an item so someone else doesn’t, that is not a good reason. You should absolutely love the item and cannot live without it AND would bother packing it in case of a sudden move.
  • Is it bigger than a cantaloupe? This is a great rule for making sure you don’t end up with a bunch of small crap– small knick knacks lead to a cluttered space, they don’t look to scale with regular decor such as lamps or vases and often just get lost or look cheap. SAY NO TO SMALL STUFF.

And some bonus points to consider when shopping Corpus Christi thrift stores (or any thrift store in any location):

  • Can you envision a spot for it? Decor should be versatile. I recently bought a GIANT lamp that is now gathering dust in a closet because I can’t find somewhere to put it. Try to think of 2-3 places an item would work.
  • Is it a project you will ACTUALLY do? I once bought a $20 bamboo dresser, let it sit in the garage for six months gathering dust and then begrudgingly worked on it only to hate it and then sell it. Don’t do that. You should have a zest, fire, or spark for this item. That’s how I felt about my other Henry Link bamboo dresser (below) and the blue dresser above– I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them and make them pretty.
Corpus Christi thrift stores: bamboo dresser Henry Link DIY

Overall, enjoy the thrill of the hunt, stay level headed, budget minded and don’t be afraid to tackle some DIY to really make your thrift store finds shine. Happy shopping!

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