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Guest Bedroom Decor: Room Reveal

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Room reveal day is here, and it is packed with affordable guest bedroom decor ideas that are easy. No paint, no fuss, no super major projects…this was truly a room refresh made possible with colorful decor and design accessories.

Pee Wee basically refuses to not be with me during these shoots, so if you can’t beat ’em, put them in them in the photos.

Guest bedroom decor room makeover

I’d like to give a huge thank you to my friend Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living for hosting the New Year, New Room Refresh or else I may have never gotten around to really doing something with the guest bedroom.

The inspiration for the guest bedroom decor was colorful, chic, upscale and FUN. I know many create their guest rooms super calming, but that is not the case here!

Guest Bedroom Decor & Design

The biggest thing I wanted to NOT do was paint, so some five-inch vinyl foil polka dots randomly scattered across the wall created a fun, Kate Spade inspired vibe.

Polka dot accent wall in a guest room

A curvy charcoal linen headboard provides some contrast for the fun bedding I selected for the room.

Charcoal linen headboard in a bedroom

My favorite part is how the light bounces off the gold polka dots at various times throughout the day. The black door also provides a break from the sea of white in the room.

Guest bedroom Kate Spade inspired colorful, pink and black

So. Much. Fun. If you want an accent wall that can go up in under half an hour, try something like what I did in this space. Easy and removable.

Guest Bedroom Bedding & Rug

The bedding…I had a lot of fun pulling this eclectic, but curated look together.

Guest bedroom bedding: leopard, floral, black and white

I SO wish these speckled sheets by Sabrina Soto were still available—these sheets have held up so well for almost three years.

Hot pink bed skirt and floral rug

Going with a bold, hot pink bed skirt was an easy choice because of how much white is in the room, plus I wanted the bed skirt to complement the GORGEOUS floral rug provided by Home Dynamix and available for purchase here.

Hot pink bed skirt in a black, white, floral guest room

The floral rug is definitely one of the boldest I have ever used in my home, and I cannot stop gushing about it.

Colorful floral rug from Home Dynamix

Loom Décor’s custom pillows are swoonworthy. They’re downfilled, bold, colorful, reversible and HUGE. I got honeysuckle floral on one side; green malachite on the other brought together with black linen piping.

Floral and malachite throw pillows from Loom Decor

I went for luxe and large with my pillow choices to make the guest bed feel hotel like. Loom Décor’s quality is outstanding, and I know we’ll love and use these pillows for many years to come.

Floral and malachite pillow cover

I have a white comforter for the bed that I omitted for the shoot because it’s much more fun this way.

Guest Bedroom Accent Furniture

Rather than spend money on new furniture, I opted to reuse an old glass end table as a nightstand. I decorated the top with a beautiful black and gold lamp, some greenery in colorful glass vases and a chinoiserie dog.

Pink and yellow end table nightstand styling

On the middle shelf, I placed a turtle trinket box on a tray for guests to be able to stash their smaller items while they stay with us. The basket on the bottom will hold extra toiletries and such.

Glass end table as a nightstand in a guest bedroom

Relocating the TV in front of the bed (while still having plenty of room to walk around) not only makes for a better TV viewing experience, it also allowed us to add in a desk where this media stand used to be.

Black and white curtains in a guest bedroom with pink and gold accents

I love not having big bulky nightstands in here—while the room feels spacious, it definitely has quite a bit of furniture it for a small guest bedroom space.

Glass end table nightstand bedroom decoration design

Guest Bedroom Lighting

The lighting… I really cannot believe I have such a stunning chandelier in my home. It’s the Persis chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting.

Persis chandelier Hudson Valley Lighting

I love how this legit looks like a boutique hotel light. And the gold AND the crystals… pure bliss. My electrician had zero trouble installing this and kept commenting how beautiful it was. He even took several photos to show his other clients!

When the Persis chandelier is on, it casts a warm glow over the entire space.

Persis Chandelier Hudson Valley Lighting

It’s the sparkly tiara that crowns this magnificent room refresh. I was a bit nervous about removing the ceiling fan, but we’ll likely place a fan in here for people (like me) who need the noise to sleep.

Guest Bedroom Desk & Vanity

As mentioned earlier, we were able to squeeze a petite black, marble top desk in here. It has a marble top and a gold accent strip on top of two small drawers.

Anton Black & Gold Marble Desk Bedroom Office

My reason for wanting to add in the desk was to give Daniel a place to do his grad school work AND to add a vanity/desk for guests to use with their laptops or to prep in the morning.

Black marble top desk in a bedroom for a home office

The ghost chairs were brought in to add extra seating, and since they’re virtually clear, they don’t feel heavy in the space.

That mirror used to be in the foyer before we bought a new one last fall, and the way it bounces light around the room is dreamy.

Guest bedroom desk with mirror over it home office

Faux florals next to the brass nesting bowls from Boho Luxe Home add some color to the desktop. I adore the patina on those bowls!

Desk decor ideas for a guest room home office

Guest Bedroom Decor

Some free printable ginger jar art framed in beautiful hot pink, gold and white custom picture frames from Art to Frames create the only gallery wall in the space.

Free Ginger Jar Printable Artwork

I love how my custom frames turned out, and the color pairing of pink, blue and white is always a no fail color scheme. 

These are the first thing you see from the door way, and I wanted that big jolt of color.

Home office in a guest bedroom

Adjacent to the gallery wall, I placed the other ghost chair with a hot pink velvet pillow below a chinoiserie art print I picked up at an estate sale last fall. I love how the birds and colors play off the other guest bedroom decor.

Ginger jar gallery wall ghost chair guest bedroom home office

My other Art to Frame piece is a floating acrylic frame holding the wifi password for guests. May as well do it in style, right?

Wifi Printable Artwork

Black and white horizontal striped curtains with oversized pink tassels from Boho Luxe Home add in some drama and help blackout light.

Black and white horizontal striped curtains

Overall, this guest bedroom decor and space came out so much better than I could have imagined. I am smitten with every bit of the guest bedroom decor.


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Saturday 9th of February 2019

The room is fab!!! I'm sorry if I missed it somewhere but where are your gorgeous marble floor tiles from??? They are amazing!

Monica Benavidez

Monday 11th of February 2019

Hi there! It is porcelain, marble look tile from Home Depot.

Rachael @ This is our Bliss

Wednesday 6th of February 2019

There are waaaaay too many ridiculously gorgeous elements to comment on in here - it would take all day!!! A few things though...That light was made for you. The pattern play of the pillows on the bed is divine. And that hot pink bed skirt is so much fun! I truly love it all. Congratulations on another beautifully completed space!

Iris Nacole

Tuesday 5th of February 2019

I love it, Monica! You always mix color and pattern so well! I can immediately pick up on the Kate Spade inspiration, and bet any guest in this space is going to feel like they are in a luxury hotel. Oh, and I'm quickly learning what it's like to have a pup in all my pictures too. My little one wont let me out of his sight, so he was all over my room when I was taking photos.

Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living

Tuesday 5th of February 2019

Absolutely colorful and amazing Monica. I love how you mixed all those patterns and colors. Just so beautiful!


Tuesday 5th of February 2019

Good to see you! 'been missing you. LOVE the rug!!

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