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Zevo Flying Insect Trap Review (Updated 2019!)

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You know, one of the reasons I chose my (now former) apartment is that it is set around a gorgeous lake.

What I failed to think about was the type of insects I’d have to deal with on a daily basis as I enter my apartment, which is why I love my Zevo flying insect trap.

I am a city girl at heart, and I don’t like dealing with flying insects, especially ones that can bite or sting me or Pee Wee.

Every day I look totally silly as I swat around my kitchen and living room trying to get rid of gnats, mosquitoes, fruit flies and any other random thing that comes in my home.

It’s a really big problem living in Texas, and I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I hate the chemicals (and subsequent chemical smell) of traditional insect repellents and sprays.

I also worry about the health ramifications of inhaling the traditional chemical based bug spray stuff, and I do not want Pee Wee’s allergies to get any worse than they already are.

Zevo All-Natural Flying Insect Trap Review | via

Zevo Flying Insect Trap: No Chemicals!

We’re in and out of home a lot from going to work, to taking Pee Wee out on walks, and throwing the trash out, and we’ve unsuccessfully tried to combat this insect problem.

This is why I’m taking a slight departure from home decor to provide a thorough review about the Zevo Flying Insect Trap starter kit.

Zevo is an affordable, fabulous new product that uses no chemical insecticides to attract and trap flying insects.

For me, that is so important because of Pee Wee. You see, Pee Wee is a senior dog who has terrible allergies. We make it a priority to buy scent free, environmentally friendly products that won’t harm us or our dog.

The Zevo insect trap is worry free for me and my family. I also love that it doesn’t have any smell whatsoever.

Using Zevo insect traps is as easy as plugging something in a wall in your home. The cost is affordable, and I love the premise of set it and forget it (until it’s time to switch the cartridge).

Zevo All-Natural Flying Insect Trap Review | via

Zevo Starter Kit Details

Each Zevo Starter Kit comes with the main trap and two cartridges (one is a refill and the other you will use right away to get started).

A Zevo cartridge lasts about 30-45 days. Truthfully, in the fall/winter when flying insects are less of a problem, I leave the cartridges a bit past the 45 day mark. And I mean, really, really past the 45 day mark.

It’s recommended that you plug these in around problem areas in your home. For us, that was the kitchen and living room/patio door area in the apartment.

We now use the Zevo trap in our new home, and I have one in our main foyer area as well as our dining room since there’s a patio door in that area, too.

Other rooms/areas could be garage, laundry room or mudroom. Really anywhere you have an outlet that is visible (not behind furniture) would work since the bugs have to “see” the blue UV light to be attracted to it.

Zevo All-Natural Flying Insect Trap Review | via

Zevo Insect Trap Results

The Zevo is awesome because of the blue UV light.

Here’s the one I had in the kitchen right above the sink and garbage disposal in our former apartment, which was also near our kitchen trash can and patio door.

The photo below is when I left for work in the morning…

(I’ll note again, the Zevo flying insect trap has no smell and other than the faint “blue” light, doesn’t really command attention.)

Zevo All-Natural Flying Insect Trap Review | via

And when I came home 10 hours later there were about 5-6 gnats trapped on there and a small fly, which is impressive for a few hours.

During peak mosquito and gnat season here in South Texas, the Zevo trap I have here in the new house in my kitchen was catching them on the regular.

I sharpened and increased the contrast in the photo below from the old apartment so you can see the culprits a bit easier.

Gnats seem to really easily fall prey to the Zevo.

Zevo All-Natural Flying Insect Trap Review | via

In the living room, I had it set-up to help catch the ones that come in from the front door and the patio door.

So far no critters have taken the plunge into that blue light, and I ended up having to move it closer to the front door to have a bit more success.

They’re super easy to move around since you just literally plug them in, and some trial and error is needed with placement in larger/open areas.

As a home decor lover who hates bugs, I love that they just kind of blend in and don’t draw too much attention.

So, if you’ve landed here after googling Zevo trap or insect spray reviews, please know I do love Zevo (even nearly 20+ months after publishing my initial review), and you may have to play with placement for optimal results.

Zevo All-Natural Flying Insect Trap Review | via

And here’s a bit of a darker photo to show you all the blue light, which is the all natural key to attracting the insects to the Zevo trap.

Once the cartridge is full, just toss it in the trash and snap on a new cartridge. They do stay plugged in 24/7, so it’s always working hard for you.

I truly love how easy it is to switch the cartridges, and I don’t have to touch any pesky insects!

Another unintended bonus is that they serve as lovely nightlights in case you need some guidance.

Zevo All-Natural Flying Insect Trap Review | via

 If you’d like to read more reviews, learn more about why/how Zevo works (and why it’s a safe option for your home, and especially around pets and kids), or buy your own starter kit for less than $13, you can head to the Zevo website. Also, they sell both the starter kits and refills online at Home Depot.

Zevo Insect Sprays

Recently Zevo added insect sprays to their pest control product line-up, and I actually did receive some media samples to try out.

We really do love the sprays because they don’t contain the harsh chemicals or scents of traditional bug and insect sprays. And once again, Zevo is amazing with making sure it is safe to use around children and pets, while also being affordable and effective.

The sprays are powered by “natural science” and not by harmful chemicals, according to Zevo’s website. With spring around the corner, I know we’ll get to use the insect sprays by Zevo quite a bit.

If you have any questions, drop it in the comments and I will do my best to reply!