Yield: 1 Menu

DIY Chinoiserie Pagoda Menu Card

DIY chinoiserie pagoda menu card using Cricut Maker

Using the perforation blade and my Cricut Maker, I created this fun project idea for a menu reveal featuring a chinoiserie pagoda and florals!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes



  1. In Cricut Design Space, layout your pagoda (or other shape of choice). My pagoda is 7.75" tall.
  2. Create a rectangle shape that you want to be perforated within the pagoda (or whatever shape you use). My rectangle is 2.5" wide by 5" tall. Click the shape and click "Perf" in the linetype menu. Cricut Maker perforation blade tutorial
  3. Create a circle and a square of equal width. Overlay the square halfway onto the circle, select both shapes and use the Slice tool to create a half-circle to place in the center and towards the bottom of your shape.
  4. Select the shape and the half-circle together and click on "Slice" so the half circle becomes part of the shape. Make sure the linetype for the shape is set to "Cut".
  5. Place the perforated rectangle back onto the shape- the bottom of the rectangle should be just above the half circle. (Again, make sure line type is set to perf for this shape only!)
  6. Load a sheet of patterned cardstock onto the light grip mat and click on Make It! Your Cricut will prompt you to load the perforation blade and then you will have to switch to the fine point blade to finish the cut.
  7. Create a menu that is 2.75" wide and 5.25" tall. I did this in Word and cut it to size with a paper trimmer, but you could also do this in Design Space using the print and cut feature.
  8. Affix the menu to the back of the pagoda shape right over the perforated area using tape. Cricut Maker perforation blade tutorial for a chioiserie pagoda menu
  9. Now your menu is ready for it's big reveal- a person could insert their thumb in the half circle to start opening it without tearing it. Cricut Maker perforation blade tutorial for a chioiserie pagoda menu


This is a two tool project- your Cricut Maker/Design Space will prompt you on when to swap tools. Do not unload the mat until both steps are finished!