How to Successfully Dye a Thrift Store or Secondhand Sofa

Here's the before. I paid about $75ish for this vintage, sunbleached sofa.

First, you have to clean your piece as well as possible. I made a HUGE mistake... click below to read what it is, 

Using a craft brush, brush on the dye mix. This method takes awhile, but is super inexpensive.


I'd truly only recommend using a craft brush on small upholstered pieces such as an ottoman, seat cushion, etc. 

Use a $10-20 pump sprayer like the type used for spraying in gardens or fence stain. 


For BEST RESULTS, use a paint sprayer. The one I love is under $80.

The paint sprayer option allows you to dye a sofa in mere MINUTES per coat, plus you get a gorgeous, opaque finish. 


Head to the blog for complete step-by-step directions, plus info on the dye used, etc. 

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