Easy DIY Chinoiserie Ornaments

Blue & white chinoiserie napkins are the star of this simple DIY.  One pack of napkins can make MANY ornaments.


Gently peel apart the napkin so you have just the printed layer. Adhere to ornament with Mod Podge + craft brush, set aside to dry.

Repeat as needed. Cutting the napkin into squares or strips makes it easier.

Add Sparkle

Use a gold leafing pen to color the ornament caps for extra pizazz.

Resist Perfection

Given their spherical nature, creases/wrinkles will happen. Let it be and enjoy the DIY process.

What to look for:

White/Silver Ornaments

Since the napkin layer is thin, opt to use light ornaments that will help keep the design bright, crisp.

How to Style:

Christmas Tree:

Pairing blue & white with metallics such as gold and silver is a great way to create an upscale look.

Another Styling Idea:

Ornament Bowl

Create a decor vignette by putting a collection of ornaments in a bowl or other vessel. Brass would look fab!