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Project Design: Style Your Kitchen Like a Pro

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Bright white kitchen with crystal chandeliers and shaker cabinets. Love the pops of color!

I’m thrilled to be talking about one of the most favorite spaces in my home as part of the Project Design series…my kitchen! I’m in fabulous company along with these talented designers and bloggers: Carla Aston Designed, Classic Casual Home, Most Lovely Things and Rough Luxe Lifestyle. I’m not a pro compared to these design powerhouses, but I am delighted to share my kitchen decorating tips and ideas with you all today. And it gave me an excuse to snap some new pics of the kitchen, which always makes me happy.

I recently met Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home and Cindy from Rough
Luxe Lifestyle because they were on the High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour, too! I instantly felt like I had been friends with them
for years. They are absolutely lovely and so supportive. (I miss you,

A gorgeous and bright white kitchen with shaker cabinets, fantasy brown granite and a stunning black pantry door. I LOVE the backsplash!

Let’s talk kitchens. Sure, they serve a utilitarian purpose, but my design manifest is that even functional spaces should be beautiful.  My kitchen is in the midst of an open concept living/dining/kitchen combo, so a lot of what I do in the other spaces influences the kitchen, and vice versa. And truly, I skew a bit minimal when it come to kitchen decor.

However, I do have five easy ways to style your kitchen like a pro, which to me means styling it in a way that enhances its beauty and function. Let’s get styling!

Kitchen Styling Tip 1: Add Flowers & Unique Vintage Wares

Flowers have a place in any space, but even more so in a kitchen. They add a pop of color, texture and a seasonal element to liven up the space. I find the best place for me to put my floral arrangements is on the island. This way they’re by the sink so I can (remember to) change the water AND they’re under my pretty linear crystal chandelier.  

A simple floral arrangement on a kitchen island can add style and color to a kitchen.

This vase is an antique/vintage item I bought from Lillian Greys Vintage Home on Instagram during one of her Thursday sales. Incorporating antique, vintage or thrifted finds into your kitchen decor (such as vintage weight stands, plates, canister, vases, platters, hardware, art, etc.) adds a curated element that is a testament to your style.

A simple floral arrangement on a kitchen island can add style and color to a kitchen.

Kitchen Styling Tip 2: Incorporate Metallic & Crystal Touches

If you’re new here, you should know I have a profound love for all things metallic and sparkly. Metallics instantly add a polished vibe to most spaces, and I incorporated a chrome finish on my lucite cabinet pulls.

Lucite cabinet pulls look chic in a bright white kitchen.

But on my kitchen counters, I incorporate metallics by using a gold utensil holder to corral all my cooking accoutrements, some of which have rose gold handles.

A bright white kitchen with a jeweled backsplash and flower market canisters by MacKenzie-Childs.

I also recently got a new set of stainless steel cookware, so I display the gorgeous stock pot on the gas stove to add a bit of shiny, which coincidentally plays well off the jeweled backsplash.

A bright white kitchen with a jeweled backsplash and flower market canisters by MacKenzie-Childs.

At the end of the day, my hope is that my kitchen feels elegant, clean, and bright. 

Thassos marble jeweled backsplash in a white shaker cabinet kitchen.

Kitchen Styling Tip 3: Edit Your Counters

What I mean by edit your counters is clear your countertops of anything you don’t use often so you can make room for beautiful items you do use often. By moving my toaster and blender to the pantry (since they’re seldom used), I had plenty of room to display my Martha Stewart blue stand mixer and food processor.

Martha Stewart blue Kitchenaid mixer in a bright white kitchen with marble backsplash.

Also, when you’re buying “countertop” appliances, splurge for the color that best fits your kitchen, if it’s an option. My husband bought me a pink hand mixer when mine bit the dust last holiday season, and it looks colorful and cheery if I leave it out on the counter for 5 days because I’m lazy.

Colorful accessories really pop in this gorgeous white shaker cabinet kitchen.

Kitchen Styling Tip 4: Curate Your Accessories

I always love seeing photos of wood cutting boards propped against a kitchen backsplash- they exude warmth and a rustic quality that sadly doesn’t jive with my kitchen because I’d hate to cover up my backsplash! That being said, a marble cutting board/cheese platter totally works and is really handy when I’m quickly trying to plate up something before company comes over.

Tips for how to style your kitchen like a pro. So many great ideas in this post!

My other prized decor on my counters are my MacKenzie-Childs flower market canisters. They are very me, and the flowers and crystal knob definitely are repeated design elements seen in the dining and living room areas.

These floral and crystal kitchen canisters are gorgeous!

And I even coordinate my kitchen towels- these are simple black and white all purpose towels that I use for drying dishes or wiping counters. I never pass up an opportunity to coordinate my items.

Big farmhouse sink looks modern against this all white kitchen with chrome and crystal accents.

By curating and layering in accessories such as cutting boards, counter top canisters and towels (and even trays to corral spices or olive oils!) you add style, storage and utility to a space. At the end of the day, we all live in our respective homes, so they should feel lived in. 

Kitchen Styling Tip 5: Select Proper Kitchen Furniture

Not all kitchens have an island, but chances are you may have some sort of seating situation in or near your kitchen. If so, selecting the proper furniture can make all the difference in a space.

These chinoiserie counter height barstools keep this open concept white kitchen feeling stylish and chic.

Initially, we purchased some very visually heavy stools from HomeGoods for our new home, and when we brought them into the space I knew it was a huge mistake. We returned those and bought the ones we currently have. The open back and chippendale/fretwork pattern works far better for our space. Plus, we get to keep the airy and open vibe.

These chinoiserie counter height barstools keep this open concept white kitchen feeling stylish and chic.

Bonus Tip: Go for a Bold Pantry Door

Sometimes I get in a cleaning frenzy and clear off all the counters with nothing but the bare necessities…yet my kitchen still has some style because of my sexy black pantry door. It’s an unexpected way to bring in some color or style into a space.

Colorful accessories really liven up this chic and beautiful bright white kitchen with black pantry door.

Another Bonus Tip: Holiday Decor

I didn’t go too crazy with the kitchen holiday decor this past year since I could quite literally barely walk due to a knee injury, but I did deck out my kitchen barstools with these cute DIY chair wreaths. I should have made some for spring now that I think of it.

Chinoiserie barstools decorated with blush, white, silver and gold accents for the Christmas/holiday season.

Well, I hope you’ve learned a few tips about how to style your kitchen like a pro. My overall goal when styling my kitchen is to make cooking, baking and entertaining effortless, fun, and beautiful.

Flowers in a vintage or antique vase add color and personality to this white kitchen island.

Flowers in a vintage or antique vase add color and personality to this white kitchen island.

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How to style your kitchen like a pro!


Carla Aston

Tuesday 1st of May 2018

Just love your counter stools. You have some really pretty kitchen appliances too. The color is perfect in this space. Lovely kitchen!


Tuesday 1st of May 2018

So much good energy in this space, and not just from your candle! Love the bright white space mixed with pops of color and the black counter stools! A very cheerful kitchen to work and entertain in!

Emily Ho

Tuesday 1st of May 2018

I love all your tips, Monica! Our kitchen is more traditional than yours, but am working to implement some of these tips as it's the heart of the home and sets the vibe for the rest of the house!

Mary Ann Pickett

Tuesday 1st of May 2018

Wow...your kitchen reflects your bright and positive personality! LOVE it and your tips. Those canisters are gorgeous and what a sweet husband you have! Thanks for doing this with us!

Cindy Hattersley

Tuesday 1st of May 2018

Monica your kitchen is gorgeous. I love how you have incorporated a little "bling" into your kitchen styling. I love the big stainless pot on the stove. If that were mine it would be too scruffy to display! Thank you so much for playing along with us! We are so lucky to have you as a new friend!

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