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My Goals for 2016

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Happy New Year, friends! Did you have a glamorous and fun NYE? Every year I swear that I will have a glamorous NYE, and yet every year I end up at home in my pj’s. I think I’m OK with that more and more as I get older. As long as I am with Daniel and Pee Wee, all is good in the world.

Rather than do resolutions, which are notoriously easy to forget by the end of January, I’m setting goals for myself. After all, who doesn’t want to achieve their goals, right?

I’ve broken them down into two categories: blog & home and life & health. I figured sharing and putting them out here into the universe would make me more accountable.

Blog & Home

  • Finish What We’ve Started: In 2014 (yes, nearly TWO years ago), I installed wallpaper in the hallway, but haven’t finished installing the new chair rail and painting the wainscoting. There are countless other examples of unfinished projects in our house such as the kitchen and guest bathroom. So, D and I need to finish the kitchen (read about that here), hallway, and guest bathroom (in that order). 
  • Stop Buying Junk: We’ve started the Kon Mari Method thanks to this amazing book, and now that we’ve purged so much stuff, we need be really selective about what we buy to bring into our home. 
  • Blog More Often: My goal is to blog twice a week, minimum. I would love to commit to three, but the spring semester at work is crazy busy, so two posts per week for now.
  • Refine & Define Our Style: This kind of goes along with the stop buying junk goal, but overall, I really want to only buy pieces of furniture or decor that truly reflect our style. As a blogger, it’s hard to not get swept up into trends, but I cannot be french country chic, mid-century modern, Hollywood regency, and bohemian all at the same time. So, what is our style? I’d say it’s transitional chic– think Pottery Barn meets ZGallerie.

Life & Health

Me at my happiest in 2009 right around the time I started this blog. If I could get back to that weight, I’d be over the moon excited.

  • Quit Worrying & Stressing: I really stress myself out worrying about a multitude of things (will I have a job in a year, will I ever reach my goals, will we get into a car accident, will I get cancer, will Britney Spears ever tour again?), and my anxiety/stress levels are at all time highs. I’m trying to keep a written worry journal so I can write it down before bed, let it go, and hopefully get some sleep. I need to find a way to leave work at work and separate myself from my job.
  • Make My Health a Priority: I haven’t been to the doctor for a true check-up in OVER three years. I need to go to the doctor and hear those dreaded words, “Monica, you need to lose weight.” I’m afraid of getting diabetes, I’m afraid of dying young, I’m tired of being tired, and I honestly just feel prettier when I weigh less. In 2015, I miraculously kept my weight within a 2-pound window…so now it’s time to lose some pounds! If I could lose 50 lbs. in 2016, I’d be thrilled. Feel free to friend me on My Fitness Pal if you want a weight loss pal. 
  • Be Happier: I deserve to be happy! I want to travel more, work less, hang out with friends and family, blog, volunteer and help others, spend time outdoors, cuddle Pee Wee, cook more, sleep more, exercise, and not be so cranky. I want to be a positive person and someone people like/want to be around. 
  • Pamper Myself: I always put off things like facials, pedicures, hair cuts, etc. but 2016 will be the year I invest in making myself feel like a beautiful woman. Regular eyebrow threading, quarterly hair trims, high quality products for my hair and skin…the works. 

With all of that being said, in addition to my normal DIY and home decor posts, I will finally write about my weight loss journey again. It’s something I did before, and I really think it helps me stay on track. I promise this will not turn into a weight loss blog, but I do hope you’ll cheer me on. 

Now you tell me…what’s your goal (or goals) for 2016?

I’ll be back next week with a Kon Mari introduction post and a kitchen update (we’ve made progress!)

The Wicks

Monday 4th of January 2016

Monica, when you go to your doctor, have your Vitamin D levels checked. I went to my doctor convinced I had a thyroid problem, and it turned out I was severely Vitamin D deficient. It's really common. I was exhausted all the time, anxious, depressed, hated myself for my weight...etc. I was about to ask for zyloft because I couldn't cope with the stress aND anxiety. Within just a few weeks of taking Vitamin D supplements, I was feeling better. I can't guarantee that it's a problem for you, but it might be worth looking into. I took prescription levels of a supplement for 3 months and I was still deficient, though not as severely. I have to take a high dose OTC one daily for the next 3 months. The difference between me now and 3 months ago is like night and day.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life)

Friday 1st of January 2016

Great goals. Good luck and Happy New Year.

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