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Jeweled Mini Wreaths for Dining Chairs

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I am so excited to share these mini wreaths today with you all as my latest DIY tutorial! My friend Stephanie sent me an over the top jeweled wreath she saw on Pinterest last week, and I wanted to create something with the same vibe but with a lot less frills.

Given I recently redid my dining room from a colorful chinoiserie vibe to a more subdued French dining room, I thought a wreath like this would be perfect on a mini wreath scale for the back of my chinoiserie fretwork dining chairs.

DIY mini wreaths for holiday and Christmas decorating

Can you get any more Parisian than chic velvet ribbon, a classic satin bow and lots of sparkles and pearls? I think not.

By the way, if you want even more holiday inspo with a Paris influenced twist, make sure to check out my pink and gold floral Christmas tree that is in my office.

Parisian style pink, gold and floral Christmas tree

Decorating with Dining Chair Wreaths

This is not my first rodeo with making mini wreaths for dining chairs. I’ve done two other variations since being in our current home that I used on the counterstools at our kitchen island.

The first year we were here, I made some gorgeous blush and Greek Key chair wreaths that were mostly made with items from the dollar store. They added such a festive touch to our kitchen, and they helped bring in the blush pink accent color I used that year.

Greek Key and blush mini chair wreath for dining chairs

Two years ago, I used the same mini wreath forms to make some chinoiserie ginger jar chair wreaths that brought in the blue and white theme from the particular year.

Chinoiserie mini chair wreath for holiday decor

Since I have open back chairs, it’s nice to be able to add in a punch of texture, color and decor to compliment my holiday theme that year. These wreaths tend to be lightweight, relatively inexpensive to make and you can freshen them up from year to year with new florals, bows or ribbon to keep your mini wreath decor feeling fresh.

Hanging Options for Non-Open Back Dining Chairs

If you do not have open back dining chairs (ex: all fabric), you can still use mini wreaths in your decor by draping the ribbon over the back and down the front of the chair and tuck it into the area where the back meets the seat so it’ll stay secure. A bonus is that you’ll get a fun pop of color on the FRONT of the chair, too.

Dimples and Tangles blog

Another idea would be to use straight pins to pin the wreath in place onto the fabric like Jennifer did (above)– you just have to make sure it’s a very lightweight wreath so it doesn’t sag or tear your fabric.

If you have wood with fabric, an option could be to use Command Hooks. Tons of options no matter what your dining chair situation is like.

Other Uses for Mini Wreaths

DIY mini wreaths for holiday and Christmas dining chair decorating

If you don’t want to decorate your dining chairs with a mini wreath, what else could you use these beautiful wreaths on? I have plenty of ideas.

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Bar cart
  • Windows
  • Interior doors
  • Christmas tree
  • Mantle decor
  • Wall decor
  • Tablescape
  • Over the range hood
  • Hanging from a piece of furniture
  • Hung on/over a mirror (use ribbon or a Command Hook)

There’s so many ways to use these mini wreaths, and the ones we’re making today would actually look great anytime of year. Let’s dive in and make some DIY jeweled wreaths!

DIY Jeweled Mini Wreath

DIY Jeweled Mini Wreath

Yield: 4 Mini Wreaths
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes

These 8-inch mini wreaths are perfect for adding holiday glamour and sparkle to your home. The supplies listed below will make up to four wreaths. If you'd like to adapt this to a larger wreath form, you'll likely need the same/more supplies.


  1. Cut a piece of the velvet ribbon to about 1.5 yards long.
  2. Wrap the ribbon around the wreath form diagonally making sure to leave no visible gaps with the FLAT SIDE of the wreath form facing you. This will be the FRONT of the wreath. Take note of where ribbon ends and that will be 12 o'clock (this will all make sense in a moment) and ultimately where the bow will go.
  3. Grab three large brooches and three of the small ones. Place the three large ones at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock. I used the back of the brooch to pin it on.
  4. Place two of the small brooches halfway between 3 and 6 AND 6 and 9. Reserve the third small brooch as the center for your bow at the end. I used the back of the brooch to pin it on.
  5. Grab 18 of the glass flatback rhinestones and cluster them into groups of 3 as shown avoiding the area from 11-1 o'clock which is reserved for the bow.
  6. Using Super Glue (or a hot glue gun) adhere the rhinestones to the velvet.
  7. Now, adhere several of the largest adhesive pearls and gems around the brooches and rhinestones, then follow up with the next two sizes down until it looks "full". I wanted to still see some of the ribbon, so you may want to use more than I did. Up to you!
  8. Create a classic bow and pin the third small brooch in the center. Use some floral wire or a hot glue gun to place it onto the wreath. Attach to your dining chair using narrow ribbon and hide the knot behind the bow.


If you have ribbon on hand with a beaded edge, this would work beautifully, too, and reduce the quantity of gems you have to manually add yourself.

Jeweled Mini Wreaths: Dining Room Decor

I hope my approach using the clock method was helpful. I did a few test runs of this, and I absolutely wanted to set you all up for success, and this was the best way.

I mistakingly bought flat back pearls that I painstakingly had to glue on myself, and that’s why I changed my recommendation to adhesive backed pearls and acrylic gems to fill in the bare and bald spots so it would greatly reduce the amount of manual glueing. You’re welcome!

The mini wreath looks beautiful with the bow at the top…

DIY mini wreath for holiday and Christmas dining chair decorating

But it also looks kind of fabulous off to the side a bit. Very nonchalant and glamorously imperfect, if I do say so myself.

Dining room chair decor for the back of chairs

I’ve made two so far and have two more to go, so you’ll have to stay tuned to the blog to see the full reveal of the dining room decked out for the holiday season.

Dining room chair decor for the back of chairs

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