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DIY Bust Statue Greek Christmas Ornaments

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My home is having a bit of a Paris moment, and I created some chic DIY Greek Christmas ornaments using miniature bust statues (or mini sculptures, whatever you want to call them).

This is a quick, easy DIY that requires minimal supplies and time.

During my Paris trip this past March, I spent a lot of time in museums, and I loved the statues and sculptures the most. Don’t get me wrong, the paintings were amazing, but it blew my mind that people created these giant sculptures.

In my home, I love to decorate with sculptures and busts, as you can see in the images below.

Here’s one on my $10 blue dresser (this piece has now been moved to the guest bedroom):

Farrow and Ball Oval Room Blue Dresser

Here’s some in my home office (which is Parisian inspired on a budget):

Black and gold etagere

And here’s another one in my living room (and a sneak peek of the dining room makeover):

Black, white and gold parisian inspired home

DIY Christmas Decorations

Before we dive in to the DIY Greek Christmas ornaments tutorial, I wanted to share some of my most popular DIY Christmas/holiday decor posts in case you’re new here.

My bold, colorful and floral Christmas tree from 2018 is one of my most popular posts. I used a myriad of inexpensive faux florals to create this opulent, girly look:

Floral colorful holiday Christmas decor

That same year I also did a blue and white chinoiserie Christmas tree in the living room. I added the federal eagle mirror for some extra drama:

Blue, white, silver and gold ornaments with ribbon and florals on a Chinoiserie

You can make some DIY blue and white chinoiserie ornaments using napkins. I love using cheapy dollar store ornaments for this sort of project:

DIY chinoiserie blue and white ornaments

My EASY approach to adding ribbon to a Christmas tree will save you time, ribbon and your sanity. Seriously, it is so darn easy and saves so much ribbon that your tree will look fuller with less ribbon and frustration.

How to easily add ribbon to a Christmas tree tutorial
DIY Bust Statue Greek Christmas Ornaments

DIY Bust Statue Greek Christmas Ornaments

Yield: 10 Ornaments
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

These DIY Greek Christmas ornaments are made using mini Greek sculptures/bust available online. This is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to add some character and style to your tree.


  1. Plug in your glue gun and get ready to hot glue the eyehook onto the BACK of the bust statue's head. Now, I found my eyehooks in the picture hanging kit from Dollar Tree to be the PERFECT size (a hair larger than 0.5"). I had to use two kits to have enough eyehooks.
  2. Once the glue dried, i added another layer to ensure the eyehook would not come off. Repeat steps one and two on all of the mini Greek Christmas ornaments.
  3. Next, cut some ribbon about 8" long to use as an ornament hanger. I used some thin velvet ribbon in black and dark green colors for some drama and contrast. You could also use a simple ornament hook.
  4. Repeat step three on all of the ornaments.
  5. At this point, you're technically done, but if you want to make them a bit more avant garde and edgy, you could gild across their eyes with a TINY craft paint brush and some liquid gilding.
  6. If you make a mistake using the liquid gilding, some acetone on a q-tip will work as an eraser on your DIY Greek Christmas ornaments.
  7. Using the ribbon or the ornament hook, place them on your tree, or you could even use them to adorn placesettings, gift bags, presents, wreaths, etc. So many fun ways to use these guys.
  8. If you decide you don't like the placement of the eyehook, wait until the glue dries, gently peel it off and reapply. The materials these mini DIY bust statues are made of is very forgiving and friendly.


I found my eyehooks in the picture hanging kit from Dollar Tree to be the PERFECT size (a hair larger than 0.5"). I had to use two kits to have enough eyehooks.

DIY Greek Christmas Ornaments

I’ve had my small flocked Christmas tree up in my office since probably late August, but now that I’ve made these I’m motivated to get all the ribbon and accouterments on there to really make it a Parisian museum influenced tree.

DIY Greek Christmas Ornaments Made out of mini bust statues

I plan to use green velvet ribbon paired with marble inspired ribbon to create a really unique, festive and glam Christmas tree to enjoy this holiday season. And of course, these DIY Greek Christmas ornaments will be the bit of quirkiness that I love to add to my holiday decor.

I mean, if these Greek statues aren’t squad goals, I don’t know what is!

DIY Greek Christmas Ornaments Made out of mini bust statues

I’ll be back next week with another Christmas ornament tutorial that is beautiful, easy, but maybe a little more tedious than this one. I do PROMISE it is gorgeous and worth the effort. Here’s a sneak peek:

DIY decoupaged floral Christmas ornaments

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