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Flooring America’s 2021 Style Watch

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This post is sponsored by Flooring America.

When I was asked to participate in creating a mood board incorporating samples from Flooring America I said, “challenge accepted!”

I love curating mood boards with real life samples so you can see how the flooring, paint swatches, hardware finishes, countertop selections and fabrics all work together, plus you can feel the quality in your hands. Think of this like bringing a Pinterest pin to life.

Flooring America Floor Samples

The samples that Flooring America sent over are all beautiful, high quality, family friendly and would look amazing in any home no matter your style.

Flooring America: Stylish Carpet Options

From the carpet samples they sent over, I loved and was particularly drawn to the three that incorporated some sort of textural element because it gave the carpet some interest much like a rug would. I love the idea of a room looking more like it has a wall-to-wall rug…something about it just looks high end and custom and these carpet options would achieve that look.

One carpet style (Why Me by Tigressa® Cherish, color: Wind Swept) has a quatrefoil type design, the other a subtle striated effect (Swagger by Resista 3.0, color: Pennicott) and the last one has a waffle weave grid type pattern (Life of the Party by Resista 3.0, color: Corporate) that is reminiscent of something you’d see at a high-end boutique hotel. I particularly love that these also would easily hide Pee Wee’s dog hair!

Flooring America: Stylish Hardwood & Tile Options

The hardwood flooring and ceramic tile samples were equally beautiful, but my heart was won over by the oak flooring sample. It’s got such warmth and character that if and when I ever have to replace any flooring in my home, I know I would pick it and live happily ever after.

The white matte ceramic tile would be so beautiful in a kitchen or bathroom to help brighten up the spaces. The Oceana Estate Oak (in the Upland colorway), which is my favorite, is that WATERPROOF hardward flooring that is timeless and matches with any decor aesthetic.

The warm white vinyl tile (Paramount Plank, color: Scree) would be a great choice for a family friendly option that is easy to install white still being very chic and stylish. And last but not least, the wood look vinyl tile (Millbourne, color Moss) would be an outstanding choice for open concept spaces to offer a luxe look with easy maintenance.

The 2021 Style Watch box included some other goodies such as Pantone swatches, a paint deck, mug, some gift cards for some retail therapy and a cozy throw blanket to wrap myself in as I transported myself (style wise) to my fave place on earth… Paris, France!

Style Watch: Parisian Mood Boards

I decided to create two mood boards which are both based on my non-existent, hypothetical Parisian inspired vacation homes.

The first Parisian inspired home that I would love to find and use some Flooring America flooring in would be a historic pied-à-terre apartment in a bustling city center where I could incorporate my beloved oak flooring in every room for flow.

Feminine details such as florals, shades of pink and a crisp white wall color would complement the oak flooring, brass and crystal details and be resilient enough for every Parisian living as I waltz in and out after going to the bakery to grab baked goods for breakfast. It’ll also be easy to keep clean as I go in and out of the courtyard to clip herbs from my garden.

The second mood board is inspired by a home I’d love to own that is a bit larger, has tons of character and charm, and would be more family focused/friendly.

Lots of the same design elements are present from the first mood board, but this one also incorporates carpet for a soft place to land after spending all day in the pool or backyard.

You will see the addition of black and white stripes to bring in that crisp, classic Parisian feel for this mood board. Imagine that fabric on the drapes that will lightly puddle on the warm oak floor or on an awning adorning the front door stoop.

Which mood board and flooring is your favorite?

If you’re in the market for some new flooring, I encourage you to check out Flooring America’s vast variety of options. I also encourage you to pull together elements you want to incorporate in the room into a mood board– it helps so much and gives you direction and inspiration as you embark on your home makeover journey.

Happy curating!


Monday 31st of May 2021

Wow, who knew carpet could look so chic? Beautiful!


Monday 31st of May 2021

They are both so beautiful, it is hard to choose! But their gift box was full of such great carpet samples. Loved the dirt hiding patterns, which I’m always so conscious of because I have two children and a dog. The oak plants are so stately, though, so it’s a hard choice. Decisions decisions! But PARIS is obtainable at home, I know this now.


Monday 31st of May 2021

Ohhhhh, I love that oak hardwood. 😍 And waterproof?! Definitely going to go order some samples before our major home reno!!

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