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Dollar Store DIY: Gold & Acrylic Organizers

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I’m all for splurging on certain things, but other times it is fun to head to Dollar Tree and do a little dollar store DIY to save money. Dollar Tree organization is easy due to their vast inventory.

DIY dollar tree dollar store organization ideas

Dollar Tree Organization Ideas

 I went to Dollar Tree for organization supplies with the mentality that I had to make something I truly needed and not just something to post about.

I’ve been annoyed at my lack of small stuff storage in my office and in my bathroom.

You know, the kind of containers where you want to store some paper clips, cotton balls, q-tips, bandaids, etc.

DIY gold and lucite storage office organizer made from dollar store items.

I found some acrylic/plastic/lucite containers that were perfect for the small stuff. And though they’re perfectly fine as is, I wanted to fix my main issue with this type of storage…the lids!

Given they only cost a whole dollar, the lids seemingly always crack from repeated daily use.

I wandered the organization and storage aisles at Dollar Tree, and at an end cap they had these cute crystal Command Hook knobs that gave me an idea.

And at home I knew I had some (affiliate links) gold mylar tape and gold washi tape, so I was set. I paid my $4 plus tax for my two acrylic boxes and two knobs and was on my way home.

If you don’t have gold foil tape at home, Dollar Tree did have some metallic/glittery type tape in their crafts section.

This project is so easy, and besides office or bathroom storage, this would be darling in a little girls room for her jewelry, or on a nightstand or vanity area. 

Plenty of storage and organization options for these affordable containers.

Make glam DIY dollar store gold and lucite storage organizers for your bathroom, nightstand or home office.

DIY Dollar Tree Storage

 Here are the supplies needed:

1.) Start by carefully removing the plastic from the acrylic storage/organizer container.

Place the clear bumpers, if you’re using them, under each corner to protect your surfaces and counters.

Place clear bumpers on the bottom of plastic storage boxes to prevent counters from scratching.

2.) Remove the lid and do a dry fit of where you want the crystal knob to go. Once you’re ready for permanent placement, cut the semi-circle end of the clear command strip that would be used to pull it off the wall (you don’t need it nor want it to show).

Crystal command hook knob

3.) Then mount the strip onto the knob and put the knob on the lid.

Once you place the knob, it is hard to move the position, so be careful!

A crystal command hook knob is the perfect addition to a lucite dollar store storage box.

4.) Using your gold craft or mylar tape, place a continuous strip around the bottom part of the container or organizer.

I used some really thin mylar tape because I wanted the three stripes to look “real”. If the tape goes on crooked, gently peel it back and try again.

Pick one side to be the “back” and have all the seams start and end on that side. You can do as many, or as few, stripes as you’d like. I did three and tried to space them equidistant.

DIY gold and lucite dollar store storage organizer- great for makeup and beauty supplies.

5.) Place the lid back on and marvel at your glamorous dollar store organization and storage creation.

DIY dollar store organizer made from washi tape, a clear knob, and lucite and acrylic storage boxes.

The simplicity of the design doesn’t scream “dollar store” organization, and given that it’s mostly clear, it blends into any space.

Gorgeous DIY dollar store lucite and gold office and craft supplies organizer.

I love being able to clearly see what is inside, and overall it helps keep my office and craft space more organized.

Gorgeous DIY dollar store lucite and gold office and craft supplies organizer.

And you can’t beat the function for only a buck! I love having these little storage compartments to organize small odds and ends with.

Gorgeous DIY dollar store lucite and gold office and craft supplies organizer.

Or use one larger one for odd shaped items. 

Gorgeous DIY dollar store lucite and gold office and craft supplies organizer.

Ultimately, these beauties are affordable, blend right in, and cost next to nothing since it’s mostly dollar store products.

Turn a plain lucite or acrylic dollar store organizer into a glam one using washi tape and a Command Hook! Perfect for craft and office supplies or makeup!

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Another trip to Dollar Tree may be in order soon.

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Hannah Whalley

Monday 29th of January 2018

This is such a clever idea, they're looking fabulous!


Saturday 27th of January 2018

very cute. i love it. you had me at dollar store honestly i love anything cheap or inexspencive. btw i really love the pic of you and your husband he looks like he is protecting you. it adorable. love angela

Kim Jones

Saturday 27th of January 2018

Gorgeous - no one would ever guess dollar store! I love how clean and classy they are!

This is our Bliss

Thursday 25th of January 2018

Oh my gosh! I can't get over these! Those crystal knobs on the the gold...[not to mention the stripes!!] I love them so much. I need to hunt down those knobs ASAP - so incredibly chic! You are a pro :)

Monica Benavidez

Thursday 25th of January 2018

Yes, the knobs are fab! Couldn't believe I found them at Dollar Tree!

Ariel Garneau

Thursday 25th of January 2018

beautiful! Love it!

Monica Benavidez

Thursday 25th of January 2018

Thanks, Ariel! xo.

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