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Affordable DIY Home Office Organization

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I love affordable home office organization ideas and am sharing tons of home office tips today. I recently got my home office craft space organized for maximum storage in less than a weekend and for under $150 using a Rubbermaid closet kit I bought off the shelf at Lowe’s!

Home Office Closet Organization Ideas

Welcome to this tutorial! You may also wish to learn more about how I redid the closet doors, my gold and marble bookshelves, or my upcycled gold and white console table. Happy DIY-ing!

Craft Room & Home Office Organization

Remember when I was explaining how I never fully settled in and loved my office? Well, part of that problem was that the closet was a mess.

Case in point.

Craft room home office organization

I had one shelf, a rod, a cube organizer, and a shoe organizer, PLUS stuff tucked into the corners. My home office organization was non-existent.

I needed a great way to maximize the 66″ of space in this reach-in closet.

When making my plans, I thought about the room’s current AND future function. Currently, it’s a home office.

DIY home office closet organization system

In the future, it could be a second bedroom or a nursery (not anytime soon). In a pinch, it IS a second guest room since sometimes we have extended family during the holidays.

We ended up choosing to use this awesome closet system by Rubbermaid to upgrade our closet. I get overwhelmed when having to plan this sort of thing from scratch because I’m afraid I’ll miss something or not measure properly.

As you can see, I wanted plenty of shelves for bins since I wanted to store my craft/office supplies, but any bedroom closet needs a place to hang clothes, so I added in two rods for that.

I absolutely knew I wanted a waist level sliding basket to hold my two crafting machines. I LOVE the sliding baskets and feel they’re so versatile in a space like this one.

Craft space organization in a closet

DIY Closet System Installation

For our purpose, we opted for this base kit (which has most of what we needed), additional add on wire shelves, and the wire sliding basket

The accessories such as the telescoping rods and shelves really allow homeowners to customize a closet easily to fit their needs.

No cutting or intense DIY skills/tools required. They also have kits for 4-8′ closets and 6-10′, and ALL the kits fit walk-in or reach-in closets like ours.

We installed the closet system the same day we bought it, and it took us about three hours from start to finish.

The last hour or so was me moving my cute boxes and bins around to get the perfect look, so really the installation itself took about two hours.

The tools you’ll need for this project are:

  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Power Drill
  • Tape Measure
  • Stud Finder
Home office organization tips and ideas

Step 1: Empty out your closet and remove any existing shelves/rods.

Step 2: Using a level, draw a horizontal line 86.5″ from the floor. Along that same line, use a stud finder and mark your stud locations with an “X”.

Step 3: Install the top rail 86.5″ from the floor using the line you just created.

If your studs do not line up with the holes on the rail, use the included drywall anchors to install the rail. We lucked out with having three studs line-up and then we secured with two extra drywall anchors.

Step 4: Attach the FIRST support rail (you hook the top of the support onto the rail from step 3) on the left using the 6″ spacer included and fasten using a drywall anchor/screw on the hole on the bottom.

During this step, you have to think about any accessories you’re going to install, such as my satin nickel sliding basket, because those require 22″ spacing, which we made sure to implement for rails 2 and 3.

Rail 4 was attached where the stud was. Rubbermaid® includes a 22″ spacer to help with this process, which is SO helpful.

Step 5: At this point, you can install any extra accessories and your shelves, starting from top to bottom.

We chose to install the sliding basket first after the initial top and side shelves to ensure our 22″ spacing was on point (it was!), and then I opened up our additional shelf kit and started putting together the closet with extra wide shelves I designed with the storage planner tool.

Note: If you don’t like a particular configuration you can easily move stuff around (I did…a lot).

Home office closet organization

What I love about this kit is that there is NO cutting. There are A and B labeled shelves that easily overlap one another, as seen below.

The brackets are sturdy, and I think it’s overall a solid home office organization system.

Home Office Closet Organization

Tips for Chic & Functional Home Office Storage

While installation was easy, breezy, my favorite part was styling it all. Here are my top 3 tips for stylish, functional home office organization and storage.

1.) Use old boxes and decorate them with washi tape or ribbon to fancy them up rather than spending money on expensive boxes or baskets.

Most of the boxes in my closet are old perfume gift boxes or boxes from one of my monthly makeup subscription services. They look cute and they’re sturdy boxes.

Craft room closet storage and organization

2.) Mix and match. Keep your closet organized, yet beautiful, by mixing up bold colors with simple patterns. My colorful boxes look great when paired with simple black and white bins (that are all empty as of right now). 

DIY home office closet organization system

3.) Use your rods to hang items other than clothes. I have fabric hanging on one side, and I used a pants hanger to keep my craft mats flat and dust free. Use every inch of space with purpose.

Craft room home office organization

Overall, this closet is ready for crafting AND summer guests, in a pinch.

Home office craft room closet organization
Small closet organization system DIY

And here’s the before and after- look at how much more spacious it is and it holds more stuff in the same amount of space.

I may purchase additional accessories to add on a few more shelves for shoes and such towards the bottom. I love how custom you can make this closet.

DIY closet system for a home office or craft room

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Cristalia Garcia

Monday 6th of June 2016

OMG! It's so beautiful. The pink doors are delicate and look so elegant withe the gold handles.


Monday 6th of June 2016

I desperately need to organize mi closet. I love all your decor.

Stephanie -Casa Watkins Living

Thursday 2nd of June 2016

Totally beautiful!! I love a well organized closet. If only I could spare a day to get mine done. Great tips Monica!!

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