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DIY Coral & Gold Pumpkin Tutorial

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Pumpkin DIY crafts, especially a DIY gold pumpkin, are some of my favorite ways to decorate for the fall because they’re quick and affordable/budget friendly.

You can use craft paint, spray paint, fabric, tissue paper and so many other craft items to give pumpkins some style to match your decor.

DIY Gold Polka Dot Pumpkins

I am simply smitten with both the Coral Isle and Sunrise spray paint colors from Krylon.

A tutorial featuring two easy ideas for creating coral and gold pumpkin decor for fall. #craftideas

Lately, my local Walmart has really stepped up their spray paint offerings, and the Sunrise spray paint in matte caught my eye during my last grocery trip.

I took some of my pumpkins from last year (no need to buy new ones) and gave them a quick coat of Sunrise and Coral Isles.

The colors are nearly identical– it’s the finish (gloss v. matte) that really sets these coral spray paints apart.

For one of my old Dollar Tree pumpkins, I wanted to give it a gold polka dot design over the glossy Coral Isles color. Very Kate Spade inspired and a little imperfect for this little DIY gold pumpkin.

So, once my pumpkin was dry (I let it dry overnight), I brought out another one of my trusty Krylon faves…my gold leafing pen.

DIY pumpkin decor ideas that are budget friendly for fall decorating using dollar store supplies and spray paint.

Starting at the bottom, I painted lots of little circles in a really sporadic, yet condensed/packed manner. As I got closer to the top of the pumpkin, the dots got fewer and further apart.

This coral pumpkin gets a glam facelift with a gold leaf pen. So easy- it takes less than 5 minutes!

And a quick trace of the “leaf” area and the stem finished off this quick 5-minute DIY gold pumpkin project.

DIY pumpkin decor ideas that are budget friendly for fall decorating using dollar store supplies and spray paint.

These smaller pumpkins are perfect for tablesettings to accent larger florals and pumpkins, or you could even use them as placecards. 

DIY Gold Dipped Pumpkin Tutorial

For my larger foam pumpkin, I used Sunrise matte and some plastic sheeting with painter’s tape built-in to create a gold dipped look.

I cannot express my love for this tape/sheeting enough. It’s fabulous for painting baseboards/moldings, stripes (like I did below), and other small areas.

The roll will never run out. I’ve had it for years and am just barely 50% of the way done with the roll.

A DIY tutorial on how to create a gold dipped pumpkin using coral and gold spray paint.

The first step is spray painting the entire pumpkin the color of your choice and letting it dry overnight- you don’t want to ruin your DIY gold pumpkin, so letting the spray paint cure is a pivotal and crucial step.

After you let it dry overnight, it is time to put the tape/sheeting on and grab some gold spray paint.

I used my MOST fave gold spray paint by Rustoleum to spray paint to the bottom and stem.

I know it’s stupid simple and not anything revolutionary, but I LOVE  this DIY gold pumpkin. I think sometimes simple is awesome, ya know?

A DIY tutorial on how to create a gold dipped coral pumpkin. Such a modern and gorgeous color combo for fall.

I spray paint mine almost every year (the craft type pumpkins, not my good ones!) as a way to be green, save money, and not have to buy new things every year.

I am really trying not to buy or hoard anymore things, so I try to be creative with what I have. 

Hope these easy craft ideas will inspire you to create something beautiful out of an item you already have!


Wednesday 28th of September 2016

I'm so doing this for my pumpkin themed baby shower!

Thea Morris

Wednesday 30th of September 2015

I just wanted to let you know that I think this is gorgeous and i am inspired. What a gorgeous pumpkin!

Lisa Irene Serrano

Saturday 19th of September 2015

I love this. This is a great DIY & it is so easy to do. I had no idea Dollar Tree had pumpkins. I need just found a dollar tree store & found so many goodies a few months ago!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life)

Friday 4th of September 2015

Love your pumpkins, that coral color is gorgeous and of course you know I adore anything gold.

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