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DIY Blue & White Chinoiserie Chargers

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If you loved my DIY chinoiserie Christmas ornaments, you’ll love my DIY chinoiserie charger tutorial because it uses most of the same materials and process as the ornament tutorial. If you have leftover napkins, all you’ll need is four white chargers (silver or gold would work, too) from Dollar Tree or any other retailer and you’ll be in business.

DIY chinoiserie blue and white chargers

Chinoiserie décor is having a bit of a moment if you haven’t noticed, and therefore, the blue and white china inspired items can be expensive.

I’ve made it a personal mission to create chinoiserie inspired dollar store décor tutorials that do not suck and that you will actually want to use and place in your home.

These chargers will look good with nearly any type of dinnerware you have– I love how the blue and white pops against the matte black dinner plates and tobacco leaf salad plates.

Tobacco leaf imperial leaf china

Another bonus is these truly can be used year round and not just for the holidays.

Given the materials used in this tutorial, these cannot be submerged in water to be washed. You’ll likely want to simply wipe them off. Luckily, a dinner plate covers most of the surface area to hopefully avoid any mishaps on your DIY blue and white chargers.

And if your favorite (well, used to be favorite…) family member ruins one over the holidays, you can always whip up another.

Ginger jar floral arrangement

DIY Blue & White Chinoiserie Chargers

Yield: 4 Chargers
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10

Create blue and white china inspired chargers for your dining room table and decor with this simple and easy tutorial using dollar store supplies.



Each charger plate is going to use four halves or two FULL napkins, so plan accordingly!

DIY craft supplies

1. Make sure your charger plate is clean, dry and free of any dust on the plate.

2. Take each napkin and remove the two white layers so you only have the single layer with the design on it left. Cut the napkin in half- if you’re using a cocktail napkin, it’ll be square, so it doesn’t matter which way you cut it.

3. Think of your charger as a quadrant. You’re going to apply a thin layer of Mod Podge in one quadrant, gently place the napkin down and smooth into place the CURVED part of the charger towards the center working outward towards the edge. 

4. Rotate 90 degrees and place the next napkin piece two more times until you end up with three sides covered. 

dollar store charger

5. You’ll end up with a small bare spot- this is where you’ll take one of your napkin halves and cut it into half to fill in the edge, as seen below. 

blue and white willow china charger

6. And use the other half to fill in the center.

DIY blue and white chargers

7. Trim away the excess napkin using the charger edge as a guide. You’ll want to leave a tiny bit of border (1/8”) and smooth it down with some Mod Podge so the pattern goes over the edge ever so slightly. 

Mod podge charger tutorial

8. Let it dry about 10 minutes before giving it another coat or two of Mod Podge to seal it into place.

DIY dollar tree blue and white charger


Now, if you want to be extra, like me, you can also use some thin mylar tape to add some “gold edging”, but truly it looks good as is. If you do decide to embellish it with tape, you have to be perfect on your first try when adhering it because you cannot reposition it without tearing your beautiful charger.

DIY dollar tree blue and white charger

And that’s it! Repeat on as many chargers as needed. I will note that the color of the charger does come through, so I recommend sticking to white, silver or gold. Any darker and I don’t the pattern would be as crisp and blue and white.

Blue and white chinoiserie Christmas decor

You can also use these as a decorative wall plate, as a tray on a table to hold décor…so many options! 

I love how all of my decor is coming together, and this plate totally jives with my DIY dollar store blue and white ornaments.

DIY blue and white chinoiserie decor

I seriously cannot get enough of these DIY chinoiserie chargers, and blue and white in general. I think my tutorial has created a demand and subsequent shortage for these gorgeous blue and white chinoiserie napkins because they are very nearly sold out on Amazon! Tuesday Morning and Marshall’s also have them- you may have to dig around a bit. 

Ginger jar floral arrangement

If you saw my colorful fall tablescape decor post yesterday, you likely also caught a glimpse of these DIY chinoiserie chargers. Blue and white works with anything. Feel free to treat it as a neutral of sorts and have fun with it like I did.

Colorful chinoiserie tablescape

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Jamala Wallace

Friday 7th of December 2018

..i'm playing catch up!! These are gorgeous.. silly me just gave away charges I wasn't using.. now ..i'm going to get more to do.. can't wait to show you

Linda Rubin

Friday 9th of November 2018

I also just discovered your blog. You are a DIYer kind of girl after my own heart. Your chargers are beautiful. Who knew?


Wednesday 7th of November 2018

I just discovered your blog yesterday and it is my new fav. I will def decoupage chargers for my Blue Willow table. Beautiful!


Wednesday 7th of November 2018

Hi Shannon! Thanks for the kind comment. :) Happy crafting!

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