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DIY Black & White Electrical Tape Ornament

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When you think of DIY holiday crafting supplies, you probably think of the usual stuff like glitter, garland, ribbon and hot glue, right? Well, add electrical tape from True Value to that list. And also add entering their #DIYaHoliday Instagram contest (and following me on Instagram!) to your list. Details on that in a moment…

There are some designer ornaments out there at the whopping price of $28 each, and Monica doesn’t want those prices. The ornaments I’ve been lusting after feature black and white stripes, which are fairly simple. While out shopping on Black Friday, I found some white porcelain ornaments with gold toppers for about $0.70 each and bought three of them.

Black White Striped Holiday Ornament

Using some electrical tape, I tried to create some horizontal stripes, but that didn’t work out too well because of the circular shape…the electrical tape bunched up and didn’t lay flat. However, just flipping the orientation to vertical stripes results in some stunning, designer inspired ornaments at less than $1-$2 apiece and about 5-10 minutes of time.

DIY Electrical Tape Striped Ornaments


Before starting make sure your ornaments are dust free so no dust/dog hair/randomness gets stuck under the tape.

Step 1: Remove the ornament topper from your ornament. If it’s not removable, you may have to trim excess tape off with an X-Acto knife for a crisp finish.

Step 2: Starting at the ornament top, adhere the electrical tape from one end to another. Smooth out any air bubbles with your fingernail.

Step 3: Adhere the other strip of electrical tape going in the opposite direction. If you want to check if your tape is perpendicular, look at the ornament top to see if anything is slightly off.

Step 4: Put your ornament topper back on, add some ribbon or an ornament hook and enjoy!

How to make Kate Spade striped ornaments electrical tape

This is such a fun (and easy!) holiday DIY that you can customize to your style, and I am sure you have your own great projects happening right now, too. Why not share them on Instagram with the #DIYaHoliday hashtag for a chance to win some prizes from True Value?

Ornament DIY designer look for less

It’s no secret I LOVE True Value. I personally buy enough of their gold spray paint that the owner of the Sinton True Value already knows to keep it in stock for me. I buy out ALL the inventory when I do my own DIY projects. #sorrynotsorry

This week’s theme for the contest is holiday delights! To enter, follow and tag @TrueValue and use #DIYaHoliday in your caption. This week’s winner AND the Grand Prize winner will be announced on Sunday, December 13th.

I love browsing the #DIYaHoliday hashtag because I get so many ideas from everyone entering to win. Last week’s challenge was about home organization, and I am ready to get organized. It’s always on my to-do list, and now I’m going to implement.

For now, I am off to prep some more for my 2015 Christmas Holiday Tour happening right here tomorrow. See you soon, lovelies!

Tutorial: DIY Kate Spade inspired ornament using electrical tape. Simply gorgeous!

Michele Alger

Thursday 10th of December 2015

What a fabulous idea!! I'm SO pinning and trying this myself. I love the elegant touch of the foil. Thank you for sharing!! ;)

Monica Benavidez

Saturday 12th of December 2015

Glad you found it helpful! I love easy projects. :)

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