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Chrome or Brass Kitchen?

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You guys…UGH. I have been in unbearable knee pain that’s been progressively getting worse since fall 2016. Turns out I have chondromalacia patellae AGAIN like I did in 2011. Only this time, I can barely walk, pain meds aren’t helping, and I don’t have an ortho appointment until JULY 5. JULY, y’all.

So yeah, my knee hurts like hell, and I just want to walk normally again. Every day is a battle, and I don’t know how I’m supposed to climb a ladder to decorate a 10’ Christmas tree at the new house if I can’t walk. As you can tell, my priorities are definitely in order.

Oh and to make matters worse, Weight Watchers hates me. I joined meetings April 22, and I’ve lost 6 pounds total. I lost 4.8 week one, 1.2 week two, and then nothing weeks three and four despite being HANGRY ALL THE TIME. In case you’re thinking to yourself, “wasn’t she on Weight Watchers last year? How is she still fat?

Yes, I was on it last year. I lost 30 pounds in about 7 months, gained 20 back between September-April because life happens, and thus far have taken 6 of those back off, so here we are.

Weight Watchers, why do you hate me? My body is like, “NOPE! Ha, you’re funny, Monica. This fat is staying right where it is, princess. Grab a donut, cry, and turn on HGTV, you sweet, fat girl.”

ARGH. My body is straight up resisting all the things. I’m eating even healthier than I did during last year’s Weight Watchers stint. I drink water like it’s my job.

So, there’s my tiny personal update.

I do have good news, though…our house is finally under construction, woo woo!

House building progress | via

We have to make decisions soon about roof, stucco and soffit colors, so obviously I’m obsessing about kitchen stuff to avoid making decisions that actually need to be made.

When I picture my dream kitchen, I sadly do not have just one clear vision. There’s the part of me that wants an espresso island paired with white cabinets and sleek chrome accents. Super timeless and slightly modern.

Chrome, white cabinets and espresso island kitchen inspiration | via

Then there’s the part of me that’s obsessed with brass for the moment, especially when paired with a super bright white kitchen.

Brass, gold, marble, and, white cabinets and island kitchen inspiration | via

Photo Credit: Randi Garrett Design

Or I could do all white with chrome instead of brass. Also love those chandeliers over the island.

Chrome, marble, and, white cabinets and island kitchen inspiration | via

I am torn, and I don’t technically have to make a decision in the super immediate future, but I kind of do because I want to take advantage of memorial day sales at Wayfair and Overstock in terms of lighting for the dining room and island.

I think a pro/con list is in order, along with some mood boards, so here we go.

Chrome Kitchen // White Cabinets // Espresso Island

Chrome, white cabinets and espresso island kitchen inspiration | via

Linear Crystal Chandelier // Lucite Pulls // Crystal Knobs // Chrome Pull-Down Faucet // Barstools

Chrome Kitchen Pros:
-Easy to pair any color/pattern with it
-Universally liked should we sell the house
-Cheaper option (chrome hardware/plumbing fixtures/lighting options are WAY cheaper)

Chrome Kitchen Cons:
-What we had at the old house
-This would mean playing it safe
-This would be the option that appeals more to resell value and saving money more than something I would love right this second

Espresso Island Pros:
-Would protect against scuff marks from barstool seating
-Would provide contrast
-A more modern look

-Might clash with flooring tile choice
-Might darken kitchen area
-May look dated in a few years/I may end up painting it white anyway

Brass Kitchen // White Cabinets // White Island

Brass, gold, marble, and, white cabinets and island kitchen inspiration | via

Brass Pull-Down Faucet // Lucite Pulls // Gold & Lucite Island Light // Backsplash // Inspiration Photo via Randi Garrett

All White & Brass Kitchen:
-Is what I want right now
-Totally feminine and glam
-Looks freakin’ gorgeous
-On trend
-Has a warm, airy feeling
-Looks high end

EXPENSIVE! Brass/gold hardware, lighting and plumbing fixtures are MORE MONEY
-May look dated in a few years
-Too trendy AND it’s what everyone else seems to be doing
-Then everything else kind of has to match with the brass (dining room fixture, barstools)

Ok, so yeah, I’m still not 100% clear on what I want to do. The bottom line is I’m leaning towards all white kitchen (including island) and chrome hardware/faucet/lighting because it allows me to save money and use it on things like barstools and a new sofa, which are my furniture priorities. This option allows me to bring in gold accents via kitchen countertop accessories.

White and brass is what I want dearly right this second, but I know it’s going to cost quite a bit more because retailers have caught on to this trend and are putting a premium on brass/gold items. Plus it’s hard to match all the different hues and brass finishes. 

I don’t know what to do. What do you all think? Splurge and go for what I want right now or go for a more timeless look that leaves money in my budget for other things?


Cindy Pierce

Thursday 25th of May 2017

Hi Monica: I love the chrome look with the espresso island. I just painted all of my oak cabinets espresso and I love the look. With your plan in particular (white cabinets and espresso island) I don't think you'll be going too dark and I love your justification re the scuff marks, etc. Best wishes and hope you get to feeling better soon -


Thursday 25th of May 2017

Ugh, I feel your Weight Watchers pain. I joined 2 weeks ago for like the 5th time. The first week was so easy to lose, the 2nd week I lost like 1lb, and now week 3 I'm gaining and losing the same .5lbs every few days, I definitely feel your pain. About the kitchen, though, I vote for chrome! You'll want that extra money you can save to splurge on other items, and it's timeless enough that you won't be itching to do a remodel after a few years.

Sharon Williams

Thursday 25th of May 2017

Go with chrome and make sure the counters you select work with it. As much as I love my brass finishes, I only picked it because there was no way I was changing out the granite. But I love the classic look of chrome and think it's much easier to use throughout the home. Hope you get to feeling better soon-joint pain stinks. :(

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