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Christmas 2014: Black, White & Gold

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I’ve decided on my holiday decor color palette for 2014! Black, white, and gold. It really isn’t surprising since my Halloween/fall decor was this color scheme as well, but I am pumped to get to decorating. If you haven’t seen my decor for fall 2014, please check it out over on The Apron Blog. You can also view my holiday decor from 2013 right over here.

I know I should probably respect the turkey, but it is SO MUCH WORK to put up Christmas decorations that I really want it up ASAP for maximum enjoyment. Plus, my husband is rather hands off with holiday decorating efforts, so I’m going to bite the bullet and start this weekend. Don’t judge me!

A few years ago I did  silver and gold with a few black accents, but this year I am going to ditch the silver in favor of bright white. I want the decor to look upscale, modern, and chic. Not overly traditional, and I hope to have some unexpected decor here and there like Kristin’s (from The Hunted Interior) giant disco ball in her black, white, and gold decor from last year. Where does one find giant disco balls?


Of course I’ve taken to Pinterest for inspiration (you should follow me!), so here’s a few more of my faves. I really love the faux taxidermy trend (again, don’t judge me, friends) although I am never keen on seeing actual dead animals on a wall…or anywhere for that matter.




Source (I am OBSESSED with that chair, y’all…I’d give a kidney)


Source (Looks so cozy!)

If you see any black/white/gold decor or house tours that I must see, please let me know in the comments. I feel like I let my day job get the best of me in terms of energy, so I am determined to go all out for this year’s holiday decor and host parties and LIVE MY LIFE. Wish me luck!

And of course I will definitely be partaking in a few DIY projects that I will share with you all. Also, just an FYI my dear friend, Dollar Tree has the motherload of gold decor this year. They even have a gorgeous line of dinnerware for only $1/piece. However, if anyone sees white/gold polka dot wrapping paper, please let me know.

Now tell me, what is your decor theme or color palette for 2014?

marty (A Stroll Thru Life)

Tuesday 4th of November 2014

Oh I love black/white and gold, so many beautiful decor pieces. Great pics and inspiration.

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