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Chinoiserie Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

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I’ve been eagerly anticipating premiering my blue, white, silver and gold chinoiserie Christmas tree decor today. If you love chinoiserie and blue and white, this post is packed with holiday decorating ideas that are affordable and easy. 

Chinoiserie Christmas tree

I’d like to thank my friend Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living for hosting this blog, and a big hello to those of you landing here from Kathy at Up to Date Interiors! I adore Kathy’s chic, global style and she is a master at vignettes. 

Before we dive in you may want to catch up on how to easily add ribbon to a Christmas tree and how to make DIY blue and white chinoiserie ornaments.

My Christmas Tree Style

Chinoiserie Christmas Tree

The purpose of today’s post is to help guide you lovely readers on how to achieve the look of our stylish Christmas trees. My style this year is chinoiserie, glam and floral. 

Let’s dive into the decor details that help create this look, and we’ll end it with top to bottom photos.

Christmas Ornaments, Ribbon & Florals

The underlying base of my Christmas tree is definitely the four different types of ribbon I weaved through the tree AND the over 30 flowers I incorporated.

I took my existing collection of silver, white and gold ornaments and paired them with my DIY chinoiserie ornaments to bring glamour and tons of feminine florals to traditional chinoiserie. 

Ornaments on Christmas tree

I scoured every store for the perfect shade of blue ornaments for my chinoiserie Christmas tree, and instead opted to only have the blue come in via my DIY ornaments. 

I chose to use different ribbons to add color, texture and sheen to my tree. The ribbons are gold, silver, white and BLACK. The black is a bit of an unexpected color, but I love the contrast it adds to a heavily metallic and glittery decor lineup.

Christmas tree chinoiserie

I also picked up a few ornaments on sale to make all my old ornaments feel a bit new and fresh. I love this “onion” shaped sparkle ornament. The shape really adds tons of glam to the tree.

Sparkly ornament

Another new addition to the ornament line-up is this gorgeous gold glass pineapple ornament– a preppy, chinoiserie touch.

Glass gold pineapple ornament

Underneath the Tree

I kept the theme going under and around the tree to really make it a truly Chinoiserie Christmas tree!

Floral Christmas Tree

A blue and white garden stool holds a ginger jar with simple white hydrangeas. Under the tree are also some blue foo dogs and a planter filled with excess small ornaments. 

Chinoiserie Christmas tree

I rarely put away unused ornaments and instead opt to use them as vase filler.

Christmas tree decorations

My gift wrapping is classic white butcher paper with black satin ribbon on a ivory sequined tree skirt that I’ve had for years.

Christmas tree decor

On the right side of the Christmas tree, I put an accent table that holds a white foo dog and a ginger jar floral arrangement for a fun pop of color.

Ginger jar floral arrangement

Chinoiserie Christmas Tree

And here are a few photos of the tree in its entirety. Here she is all a glow in the early evening. 

Chinoiserie Christmas tree

This tree stands at just under 10 feet tall with the tree topper. 

Chinoiserie Christmas tree

I think a beautiful tree is one that looks good with the lights on AND lights off.

Chinoiserie Christmas tree

I put this small federal eagle mirror next to the tree to help reflect some light back into the living room. It’s an antique estate sale find that works so perfectly with this decor style.

Blue and white christmas tree

This chinoiserie Christmas tree is definitely a departure from my usual black, white and gold, but it makes my heart happy when I see it.

Blue, white, silver and gold ornaments with ribbon and florals on a Chinoiserie

I hope you’re feeling inspired to take down your Christmas decor from the attic and get decorating!

Blue, white, silver and gold ornaments with ribbon and florals on a Chinoiserie

I now send you off to ever so fabulous Iris Nacole who always has crisp, bright, cozy decor that makes you want to paint all the rooms in your house white.

Chinoiserie Christmas tree


Friday 7th of December 2018

your photos on here are gorgeous. Your tree is stunning. I love all the Chinoiserie pieces

Ariel Garneau

Tuesday 4th of December 2018

Well shoot! Isn't this just stunning?! All your chinoiserie touches are to die for!


Tuesday 27th of November 2018

Wow! Spectacular use of floral, traditional, and glam!

Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living

Saturday 24th of November 2018

It's absolutely gorgeous Monica! I am swooning over those diy ornaments!! I love blue and white anyday!


Friday 16th of November 2018

What a fabulous tree! I love the blue DIY ornaments and the pineapple is adorable. I love the big ornaments on the floor as well. So beautiful.

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