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Master Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas

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The budget master bedroom closet makeover is done as part of the $100 Room Challenge! Let the closet organization ideas commence.

I feel like our closet has a dash of luxury, sprinkle of glam decor and tons of organization and function. My hope is you’ll get lots of closet decorating ideas and inspiration for your home.

Closet organization ideas for a master bedroom

Over the weekend I finally got the ottoman reupholstered, and I simply love the subdued vibe it has now. Catch up on the before photos of the closet, lining the closet shelves with wallpaper tutorial and the DIY vintage jewelry shadowbox artwork.

Closet Organization Ideas

Here’s the before:

Master bedroom closet with built-ins

And the after… so many affordable, DIY closet organization ideas here from the built-ins to the gold baskets and fabric bins.

Master bedroom closet with built-ins

DIY Ottoman Makeover

I also redid this antique ottoman that used to be in my office space:

Antique bench furniture makeover using spray paint

The base was spray painted with Krylon’s matte wild rose and I used liquid gold leaf to glam up the ornate details (much like I had before).

The fabric on the seat is from Hobby Lobby’s fall collection.

Blush and gold DIY ottoman stool

The ottoman is placed right in front of our shoe rack so we can easily put our shoes on. It’s a glam little spot!

Shoe Organization for a Closet

As you can see, we did not find a new rug in time, and then I decided to swipe this one from the foyer to see if it would be a great size…and it is.

Shoe storage in a master bedroom closet

Looks like I’m shifting my focus to finding a gorgeous runner for this space instead of a 3×5 rug.

Rug and stool for seating in a master bedroom closet

The one major thing I just couldn’t get accomplished was spray painting the drawer pulls…BUT I will get to it eventually.

Closet Decor Ideas & Tips

Lining the shelves with black and white speckled wallpaper made such an impact in the space and really gives it some oomph.

I highly recommend a fun design on the back of built-ins to add style and personality to the space. Wallpaper, fabric or even gift wrap can work!

My husband’s main request is for me to keep his “stuff” stylish, but masculine, which meant I kept his shelves minimal, functional and they feature our dear Pee Wee.

Master bedroom closet built-ins white

You cannot beat how easy and affordable it is to throw stuff in baskets in a closet.

My husband stores his socks in the baskets you see here, and it frees up drawer space for bulkier items. 

WHITE Master bedroom closet built-ins

Luxury Closet Decor & Organization

My side is a bit of a different story, as you can see.

I incorporated some gold wire baskets for storage for my wallets and wristlets next to a floral art print and a DIY Prada Marfa printable.

Lots of little gold baskets and punches of pink make for chic closet organization ideas in my book.

When decorating a tight or small closet space, I recommend trying to keep the finishes minimal- my husband’s side has more organic baskets and mine is gold and metallics.

Affordable and glam master bedroom closet decor ideas

My scarves are neatly folded up top next to my two most favorite quilted handbags.

If you want to display your purses or handbags, make sure you dust often!

Master bedroom closet ideas for built-ins and layout

On the bottom shelf, I have my jewelry stuff and a fun ornate mirror I picked up at HomeGoods over the weekend specifically for this spot.

Jewelry storage for a master closet

It’s nice to be able to get dressed in such a fun space and now all of my jewelry, shoes, handbags are in one spot.

This totally must be like what celebrities feel like, right? Totes.

Perfume bottle on vanity in closet

Initially I wanted to display all my handbags, but opted to keep most in their dust bags for practical reasons.

Now they’re all in their dust bags AND in those gray and white bins I had laying around that now sit on top of shelves.

I divided them into two bins- one for more fall/winter handbags and the other for spring/summer.

Master bedroom closet layout with white built-ins

DIY Closet Decor Ideas

Our shoe rack shelving unit holds all of our shoes and my grandmother’s vintage jewelry that is now beautifully displayed in some shadowboxes.

The DIY jewelry shadowbox art was one of my fave DIY’s for this closet makeover. Plus I had the supplies on hand.

Purse handbag and shoe storage in a master bedroom closet

As you can tell, no glamorous heels in sight mostly because I place a tremendous amount of value on not breaking an ankle.

But, I do love all of my cute and stylish flats that keep me on the ground.

DIY master bedroom closet decor and organization ideas

This budget master bedroom closet makeover was fun, and it forced me to clean-up and implement some of my closet organization ideas.

It was also fun to get creative with finding useful ways to add decor and not waste any storage or organization space.

Let’s tally up the total I spent on this challenge (and cross our fingers I adhered to the strict $100 budget):

  • $12 for the ottoman fabric
  • $8 for the spray paint
  • $14 for the silver mirror
  • $14 for the baskets for my husband’s side 
  • $32 for more wallpaper to line the shelves
  • Total of $90

Yasss! I stayed under budget. Woo hoo! I’ll have to take those $10 left over and treat myself to some ice cream or something over the weekend- I’ve earned it for sure.

DIY Prada Marfa PDF artwork

DIY Closet System Tutorials

Adding storage space and function to closets is kind of my thing. If you’re thinking of installing a closet system soon, these posts will help you.

Small Closet System DIY Installation

DIY closet system installation for home office

Bedroom Closet System Installation for $100

Bedroom closet system installation affordable

Affordable Room Makeovers

If you want more ideas for how to makeover a space for $100, I have a few other makeovers I’m linking to below:

Small Dining Space Makeover

Small dining space decor ideas

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Black, white, botanical and Audubon dining room makeover

This is our Bliss

Tuesday 9th of October 2018

So incredibly stunning, Monica!! I ADORE how it turned out! Beautiful job as always and your photography never disappoints. I especially love those tight shots of your pretties :)


Friday 5th of October 2018

wow, just wow!! I am amazed! Maybe I should have tackled my closet for the #100roomchallenge because not sure I can see the floor in mine and yours looks AMAZING! So inspiring!

Elizabeth Jones

Thursday 4th of October 2018

It looks so awesome!! Glad you have a space to make you feel great every single day!

Beth Heath

Sunday 30th of September 2018

This is the prettiest closet I've ever seen! Now I'm really inspired to do the same to my closet!

Meredith Wouters

Saturday 29th of September 2018

I think I'd like to move into your closet! That footstool is perfection, and I love the wallpaper accent. I feel like if I had this closet, I'd have to get nicer clothes!

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