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Hi, friends! I try to only post if I have something new and exciting to share about home decor, BUT today I have news of a different sort. It’s actually several announcements, so let’s do this. Also, I talk about my struggles with low self-esteem in the online world at the end of this post.

New Website/Blog Design

Monica Wants It is undergoing a huge behind the scenes makeover, and during the course of this week I’ll be moving to a new platform/host, so if you experience any hiccups that’s why. You can see a sneak peek of the template above (those are not my images, it’s just an example).

I hope this process won’t last more than a day or so for the actual migration, but I will be working behind the scenes on the new site for at least a month or two to make sure everything migrated over properly.

My goal is for the site to go live after Christmas- I’d love to say it’ll be sooner, but I truly don’t know how many hours of work it will take and I’m a one woman show.

New Features

As part of getting a fancy new website, you all will be able to still access the blog content (past and future), and I’ll also have more organized project galleries, etc. Right now I have to do that all manually, and it doesn’t happen as often as it should (hence why I’ve hidden those pages for now!)

I’m also launching my virtual design services as an Interior Stylist (technical term: interior decorator)! So, if you’ve ever wanted to hire me to help decorate a space virtually (all online!), you’ll have your chance.

I have a few slots at reduced introductory rates for projects starting in January 2019, and if you’re interested in reserving a spot you can email me.

I’ll also have an integrated online store where I’ll be selling printables and other home decor stuff that you can buy right from my website.

The Chinoiserie Home: My New Store!

On a whim, I decided to create some beautiful ginger jar ornaments with my most favorite tobacco leaf china pattern on them. I put them out on my Instagram stories and SOLD OUT within two days.

I’m making a second batch, and am taking pre-orders via my temporary shop- The Chinoiserie Home. I kind of thought I’d sell a couple and be stuck with the rest, but since the demand is there I’m making more.

If you’d love to have one of my very own creations – LITERALLY, I designed, cut, apply, gold leaf, pack, ship, etc. all by my lonesome. As a small business, I appreciate the support. There’s single and double-sided ornaments, as well as gift tags, shown below (single-sided).


What does Monica Wants It mean?

When I started my blog back in 2009, it was about a month before my wedding. I would blog about things I wanted to buy- I remember blogging about some Anthropologie bird measuring cups (that would make me cringe now!), some shabby chic lamp (again…cringe!) and other random stuff I wanted to buy once I was a lovely married woman.

At that time, the “It” was whatever item I blogged about that day. Shabby chic stuff and all. 

Then we bought a house in 2010, and it morphed into what I wanted to do with the house to fix it up and decorate it. So, basically, Monica Wants {It} was meant to be a place to write about the things I wanted with the “It” part being fluid around the topic at hand. I think most people get that…

It’s very easy to remember, BUT I’ve thought about changing it to something like Monica Benavidez Interiors/Style/Design Co. instead, but people have a hard time with my last name (or they want to replace the Z with a S).

I still haven’t made up my mind because it’s hard to change something after nine years, but I wanted to explain the name since I have gotten that question lately.

I’m Following My Dreams

For a long time, I’ve suffered from low self-esteem. People have called me out for it in my Instagram Stories (which doesn’t help, let me tell ya…), and it’s something I’ve been working on. It’s hard.

I’ve put a focus on getting healthy, and to date I’ve lost about 37 pounds. I still have quite a few more to go, but I’m not doing anything too drastic to get the weight off. Slow and steady.

I notice I have this tendency to feel jealous of people, and I did some deep soul searching to figure out why. Was it they had better jobs? Nicer homes? More money? Prettier? Blonde? WHAT WAS IT?

Well, yes to all of those things above, but at the core I was jealous of people who were simply going for their dreams and putting themselves out there and having success because THAT IS WHAT I WANT.

I’m ALWAYS so concerned with what people are going to think or say if I proclaim, “Hey, I’m going to become an interior stylist!” or “I’m writing a book proposal because I think I could write a kick ass home decor book.”

I was and frankly AM terrified of rejection, but on the flip side, I AM TALENTED. I’ve had the amazing privilege of working with amazing brands and having opportunities I never even knew to dream of.

If they recognize my talents, why don’t I?

I’ve been a “closeted” blogger for most of my nine years because I didn’t want people in “real life” to know about my blog. If my husband brings it up in public, I am quick to dismiss it as a “small blog” or “not a big deal” and change the subject.

It’s not like I write about anything I’d be ashamed about, what’s my problem, right?

Recently, I joined a women’s small business owner group here in Corpus, plus I’ve been trying to get my blog out to more people locally and such. I am even trying to get on the radar of local media publications so that maybe they’d want to feature my home or my writing – after all, I do have a journalism degree from one of the best universities.

Instead of wasting time and negative energy being envious of others, I could maybe believe in myself and give it all I’ve got.

Please know I will always focus on attainable, affordable, everyday design and will stay true to why I started this blog in the first place. To inspire everyone to create a magazine worthy home no matter their budget. I strive to be authentic, quirks and all, and to ultimately be someone you can hopefully relate to on some level.

With all that being said, I thank you for your support and I hope you’re
as excited as I am to usher in this whole new phase of Monica Wants It
as I celebrate TEN YEARS of blogging in 2019. Cheers!

Cheryl Stephens

Thursday 25th of October 2018

You are a true inspiration, Monica! You have a great talent and I'm so glad you are sharing it with the world! Keep chasing your dream! Hugs!


Tuesday 23rd of October 2018

Congratulations on this new chapter in your life!! How exciting. Don't doubt yourself, you are awesome!!! Besides you can always dye your hair blonde ;-) When you are feeling like others are doing better than you, and comparing yourself... Don't forget that others are comparing themselves to you!! Looking forward to your new site!

Marsha Jones

Tuesday 23rd of October 2018

Great read. I'm excited for you next journey, new blog platform and girl boss attitude. I love following you and I'm inspired by your style and authentic voice.


Tuesday 23rd of October 2018

Yes, you are talented! Let your light shine. You deserve to have your creative works better known further and wider. There are people who want what you have to offer if they only knew. Please consider offering the darling tags in other shapes, too.

Jamala Wallace

Tuesday 23rd of October 2018

Thank you for inspiring me to not give up. You are one of the first few bloggers that encouraged me to through my hat in the blog game and glad I did. I, like you struggle with doubts but it's because of bloggers like yourself that make me not give up.. I applaud you for your courage and tenacity and wish you continued success in all your endeavors. Always a fan follower.. hugs to you

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