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Ballard Designs Knock Off Monogram Letter Wreath {DIY Tutorial}

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In yesterday’s post I gave a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Elmer’s products to recreate a Ballard Designs burlap memo board for a LOT less. Like 80% less.

And I’m back again to show you how to easily recreate another popular Ballard Designs item for less. I’m the knock-off queen lately. Have you seen my West Elm copycat hurricanes?

I consider it a mission of mine to have the luxe for less. Even if it means using a glue gun on occasion. However, you won’t need a glue gun to create this festive holiday wreath:


$39 each + shipping via Ballard Designs

Here’s what you WILL need in order to create your very own monogram wreath:

  • 1 Elmer’s foam core board in black
  • 3, 15-foot garlands from Dollar Tree
  • X-Acto Knife with #11 Blade
  • White Elmer’s Painters Pen (or white colored pencil, chalk, etc.)
  • Pinecones, ribbon (optional)
  • Wreath hanger (optional)
  • Elmer’s glue spots

Set-up an area large enough for you to cut with your X-Acto knife. I couldn’t find a craft mat big enough at my local Walmart, so I just used a big box. Bottom line- you don’t want to scratch your floors/counters/desk, so get creative.


Then prop up your black foam core board so you can easily write on it.


I am making a large B (for Benavidez), and I want it to be 24” tall just like the one from Ballard Designs. So, using my metal X-Acto ruler, I draw a 24” line:


Then I freehand draw a letter B. It looks ugly, I know. Do not fret! You can easily make adjustments as you cut. Tip: When you cut your letter out, it’s best to go bigger than you think. You can always trim it down, but you can’t add it back on easily!


Then you start cutting your letter out. I am usually intimidated when using my X-Acto knife, but the trick is to apply even, constant pressure and make smooth movements. The first time you cut it’ll likely score it (seen below), and then if you run your knife through it again, it’ll cut through the board. A little patience and persistence= success.


Not too shabby.


So, now I grab one of my garlands, and I start wrapping it around the straight part of the B.


I used 2 full lengths of garland + about 1/3 of the third garland. The third garland was mostly to fill in spots that looked kind of bare. The black foam core board is very forgiving, so it doesn’t need to be densely filled with garland.

I secured my garland with glue spots on the back every few inches or so. I probably used about 15 glue spots total.

Once it’s all wrapped up, you’ll have a beautiful letter staring back at ya. See, I told you it wouldn’t look so ugly once you’re done with it.


Then I decided it simply needed a cute damask bow. To make one you need about 2 yards of ribbon, some glue and scissors.


Cut about a 1.5 foot section of ribbon and loosely tie a knot in the center, set aside.


Then cut 3 sections of ribbon, each smaller than the other. Mine are 13 inches, 11 inches and 9 inches.


Flip ribbon over design side down and flip one end up to meet in the center and secure other end to it with glue:


You should have 3 ribbon loops:


Stack them on top of one another from largest to smallest and secure with glue:


Place knotted portion from step 1 in the center and then tie/secure it again in the back (so you have a knot in front and back). Cut ribbon tails, if desired. Attach to wreath. If you’re more a video learner, you can watch a video on how to make this very same bow over on the Better Homes & Gardens website.




You all know me…everything has to have a bit of glitz to it, so I added some sequined pear picks that were 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree. They are secured onto the garland with floral wire.



Ballard Designs Price: $39 + shipping

Monica Wants It DIY Cost: About $6+ ($2.50 for foam board + $3 for garland assuming you have other supplies on hand)

Savings: $33 or about 80% off (excluding shipping)

The Look for Less Final Showdown:

image   Looks4Less01

Pretty close, don’t ya think? I hope this tutorial inspires you to personalize your home with easy DIY projects. And the total time investment to create this? Well, it took me about an hour but that’s with me taking photos of each step to share with you all. Make one for your friends, neighbors, etc. Best of all? Unlike the Ballard Designs wreath, my DIY version can be reused. So whatcha waiting for? GO MAKE ONE!

You know you want to.

I’d like to thank Elmer’s again for sending me the lovely craft pack I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Their products are easily and affordably found at Walmart in the crafts section and also on Amazon. And thanks to these projects, the X-Acto knife and I are sort of BFF’s.

Tomorrow’s post will be a reveal of my gorgeous ornament wreath. It won’t be a step-by-step tutorial, but if you’d like to make one, I used these instructions by the uber fab Eddie Ross. For now, here’s a sneak peek at mine:


See you tomorrow! xoxo.

Brie Holtrop

Friday 29th of June 2012

So cute! I actually like yours even better than your inspiration :) Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

Home Cooking Memories

Thursday 8th of December 2011

This is so great! I totally want to do one. I've had to hang a "V" a bit differently, but I'm saving this as an idea for next year.

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Mrs. Cox.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´•

Monday 5th of December 2011

I like yours WAY more! That turned out awesome :) Good work!

Tonia @

Thursday 1st of December 2011

What a beautiful wreath, Monica! I love that it is a letter instead of the traditional circle!

Mommy This and That

Wednesday 30th of November 2011

Thank you for posting the tutorial! I think yours came out beautifully!! I will have to post a picture of mine when I am done.

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