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27+ Ideas for the Best Baby Shower Gift Basket

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As a first-time mom to a newborn baby girl (check out her gorgeous moody floral nursery!), I have lots of baby gift basket ideas at a variety of price points to share with you all today if you need the perfect baby shower gift.

There’s certain things that came in handy that I have truly loved in those newly postpartum weeks and have made life with the newest addition to our family a little easier and less stressful. 

This may be a controversial opinion, but none of the items on my list will include baby clothes. I received so much baby clothes that it was honestly a bit overwhelming to store it all. 

Plus baby clothing/onesies are a super common gift, so I’m choosing to focus on unique baby gifts (or useful at least) since most people immediately want to buy zippered pajamas and other adorable cute outfits. 

I’m also not including diapers, baby bottles, baby socks, etc. and instead focusing on items to create a beautifully curated collection of gifts to celebrate the arrival of a new family member.

I’ve divided the items up into useful categories so you can pick and choose from each section to create a new baby gift basket that will delight any new mom!

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Baby Essential Care Products for a Gift Basket

These practical items are everyday, useful things that make life with a new baby a little easier. I think any mom would consider the items below thoughtful gifts that are not your usual baby blanket, baby clothes or diapers kind of gift. 

Burp Cloths: I greatly underestimated how many of these I would need, but with a newborn needing to eat every 2-3 hours, that means we were easily using 8+ burp cloths a day! 

I personally love these large burp cloths, and they seriously get softer with each wash. 

3-in-1 Nose, Nail + Ear Picker: Seriously, this 3-in-1 Nose, Nail + Ear Picker item is useful small item and life changing when your little one has snot rockets or bats in the cave. A pinky is way too big for their nostrils, so get this tool for a new mom and thank me later.

Sick Day Baby Essentials Kit: I registered for this sick day essentials baby kit, and I love it! Lorelai hasn’t been sick yet, but I did use the drops in the humidifier when I was pregnant and sick. This kit is a bargain for all the items it includes. 

Baby Bathing Rinse Cup: When I first saw this Bath Time Rinse Cup, I thought to myself, “isn’t that just a small pitcher?” but it is an item I use for every single bath. It’s truly a must-have and can be used from the newborn stage to toddler stage. 

Portable Sound Machine: Initially I planned on just using our Alexa devices or phone to function as a noise machine, and I quickly learned how not practical that is sometimes. I have this exact portable, USB rechargeable sound machine and love how easy it is to use, how loud it can get and how long the battery lasts. 

Baby Girl Gifts

Flannel Receiving Blankets: We received so many blankets that I ended up returning, but I kept these gorgeous 100% cotton flannel receiving blankets because they’re soft, beautiful and versatile. In the first few weeks at home, they served as swaddle blankets but now, we mostly use them as car seat blankets.

Floral Swaddle: This floral swaddle is hands down our favorite and so affordable at under $15! The wings/sides are longer than any other brand, so it’s truly served us well for the long haul. 

Luxe Gold Milestone Cards: Most of the milestone cards tend to be wooden, which is why this white and gold milestone card set truly stands out to me and is a little more unique and versatile than a milestone blanket to help document a baby’s first year.

French Inspired Bakery Treats Toy Set: Any baby girl will be dreaming of Paris with this super cute set of French inspired baby toys that includes a coffee cup, macaron rattle and crinkle napkin. 

Claris the Mouse Board Books: Every new little girl needs to be introduced to Claris the Chicest Mouse in Paris book series. Megan Hess recently released board books which are perfect for a baby girl gift basket. We love the Claris Says Merci board book that focuses on saying please/thank you and the Claris Loves the Rainbow book that focuses on colors. 

Baby Boy Gift Basket Ideas

Swaddle Wrap: As mentioned in the baby girl section of this post, of all the swaddle brands we’ve tried, this $15 swaddle is hands down our FAVE. Its sides are wider than other swaddle brands, so a precious new baby boy can use this for months. 

Bold + Colorful Baby Milestone Cards: I love how bold and colorful this set of milestone cards is without being overly girly or just boring neutral colors. I think the colors in this set pair beautifully with most baby clothes for boys. 

Baby Boys Gym Toy Set: Shake, rattle and burn baby burn with this fun gym inspired baby boy gift set. Can we talk about how cute the dumbbell and kettle bell are? 

Luxury Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

If you have some extra money to splurge on this joyous occasion to create a delightful basket for a newborn baby, here are some ideas that are a bit on the pricier side. 

Custom Baby Blanket: An heirloom gift for sure, I adore the modern style of these personalized/custom baby blankets. I so wanted to splurge on one while I was pregnant, and I think I may finally indulge during their Black Friday sale this year.

Dagne Dover Diaper Bag: I’d recommend opting for a gift certificate so the proud new parents can choose their own bag, but you probably can’t go wrong by choosing this stylish, unisex diaper bag

9-Piece Stainless Steel Baby Dining Set: Many parents are skipping plastic and silicone feeding/eating essentials due to harmful chemicals, so this pediatrician developed stainless steel baby dining set is perfect for health conscious parents. 

Weighted Sleep Sack: A friend was kind enough to pass one of these dream weighted sleep sacks down to me, and it is AMAZING. I’d recommend buying the 6-12 months size since those first few months many moms are working their way through swaddles, etc. 

Tush Baby Hip Seat Carrier: This is another versatile item that tops my “best gift for new moms” list because of how long a Tush Baby Hip Seat Carrier can be used. Bonus: dads can use this item, too! Perfect for quick shopping trips, theme parks and everyday life. 

My Favorite Baby Books & Toys

Kids’ Interactive Soft Tea Party Set: When I spotted this soft tea party set, I was instantly smitten! I think this is one of those thoughtful items that a baby can use for a few years.

Kick & Play Piano: As a first-time mom, I swore I wouldn’t allow any colorful, loud baby toys into my home…but I love this darn kick and play piano SO MUCH. The songs are actually fun to sing along to, plus it’ll keep a baby entertained for months on end making it a perfect gift. 

Newborn Play Kit: Help mom and dad out with getting their bundle of joy off to a great start with this newborn play kit that includes toys to help engage and build new brain connections with high-contrast images and black and white sensory mittens.

Tummy Time Fawn Wedge: We LOVE this tummy time fawn wedge toy so much and have been using it since our baby girl was about 2 weeks old. She loves looking at her cute little face in the mirror, and the soft support of the fawn keeps her comfy during tummy time. It also comes with a teething toy that I know will be useful as she continues to grow, and it’s helpful for keeping her napping on her side (when supervised) to help prevent flat spots on her head.

Gift Ideas for Mom of a Newborn

Bamboo Maternity Robe for Mom: I practically LIVED in this vintage pink rose bamboo maternity robe for the first few weeks postpartum because the material was so soft and cool against my skin. The rose print made me feel feminine and beautiful, which was MUCH needed during those emotional, hormonal postpartum days. One of my fave gifts I received! 

Doordash/Uber Eats/Favor Gift Cards: Sure, taking home cooked food and dropping it off may seem like a great idea, but it’s far easier to let mom and dad decide what kind of food they’d like and when via a food delivery gift card, plus this way there’s no awkward scheduling of drop off, etc. I received a few Doordash gift cards, and they truly were lifesavers!

Frida Postpartum Essentials Kit: Not the most glamorous of gifts, but still beyond useful and practical. I ended up having to scramble at the last minute to try to throw these items together and just placed a curbside order at CVS, and I wish I would have gotten a useful postpartum kit like this.

Machine Washable Slippers: These cozy slippers are not only practical for the time mom is in the hospital, but can easily be thrown in the washing machine to be used at home, too. I LOVE that these slippers are washing machine friendly, which is helpful for sweaty/stinky feet or for those of us who have pets at home.

Personalized & Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Ink-Free First Footprint Kit: Make it easy for a new mom and get them this baby’s first footprint kit. It’s mess free and comes with several sheets to include pets or older siblings in the fun. 

Petite Keep Classic Trunk: These custom, personalized trunks are beyond gorgeous, come in a variety of interior patterns and exterior colors and will make a lasting impression as a memorable gift. I’d use it to hold all of the various keepsakes and special firsts that come along with a new baby. 

Monogrammed Bow Swaddle: We received a custom monogrammed bow swaddle for Lorelai and it was the perfect touch for our newborn family photo session (see picture above). There are several color options available making this a delightful gift idea for boys and girls alike. 

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