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21 White Houses with Black Trim Exteriors

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Recently I spotted a gorgeous little cottage style home that made me get into “dream house” mode again, but I thought to myself, “I wish it was a white house WITH black trim and windows”.

Here she is…my almost perfect little dream house.

white cottage style home riverbrook euclid

I started to dissect what I loved most about this charming white home, and it was the white exterior, copper gutters, awning, the landscaping and yet I was still harping on wanting black trim for it.

There’s just something about black and white, isn’t there?

It’s a color combination I LIBERALLY use and love around my home (seriously, just check out my black and white Parisian inspired patio). Some may consider it a safe option; I call it the timeless bold option. And it’s definitely the option dujour for home exteriors lately. 

white painted brick with black shutters

It seems as if the white house and black trim combo was made popular with the modern farmhouse exterior movement that has dominated Pinterest and Instagram for years, but if you truly think about it… this color combo for the exterior of a home is a timeless choice. Always and forever.

Joanna Gaines, lovely and talented as she may be, didn’t invent this but God bless her for making it popular again after all those years of gray exteriors. (And I say this as someone who lives in a gray stucco home.) 

But back to my dream house… I’ve been slowly curating images in case we find the perfect piece of land to build on. I’m pretty set that our own home (or forever home) has to be a white house with black trim AND black windows. Ideally, a pair of vintage French gold gas lanterns would adorn the front door. 

I got curious and did some research and thought I’d compile my findings into a blog post (you are here!) What I found is that this color duo is perfect for many different styles of architecture, plus it lends itself to incorporating other natural or wood elements, copper gutters and of course big, beautiful black windows. 


So yes, it’s common in modern farmhouse homes, but it can also be found in traditional, modern, tudor and even Mediterranean style homes. Essentially, most house’s architectural style can lend themselves to a white house exterior paired with a black trim exterior color.

Design Elements to Enhance a White House with Black Windows

A white house looks gorgeous with black windows or black window frames.

It breaks up the brightness of the white, plus it adds in contrast. To me, strong contrast is a pillar of classic good design and will look good for a long time.

Here are some more design element ideas to accentuate a white house with black trim.

Adding in Stone or Natural Elements

This home below is a good example of how a traditional split-level ranch style home looks so much more updated and oozes curb appeal. The addition of the stone accent brings in some warmth and charm.

Ranch style home with white exterior and black trim

Add in Copper Gutters

A stunner for sure, this home features black windows, copper gutters, beautiful stone and incorporates a white exterior as well for a breathtaking combination. The overall design and mix of features is beautifully accentuated by the green landscaping that is kept very simple and timeless.

black trim with copper gutters

Oversized Corbels

Corbels, especially very large, oversized ones, can add a load of curb appeal to a home with a white exterior and black trim or accents.

These corbels add in wood accents and interest to this rustic craftsman style home. 

You can often find reclaimed, vintage corbels at an architectural salvage store if you’re looking for something with more character and charm.

Wooden corbels on home exterior

Unique Landscaping

Another example of a home that incorporates wood elements for interest, is this massive Modern Farmstyle home with gorgeous tiered landscaping.

The way the builder chose to connect the various sections of this home by layering in beams and a covered walkway looks fab!

white house with black trim and wood beams

White House with Black Trim: Backyard Photos

Although a backyard exterior can usually not be seen by people other than the residents, I love how this home incorporates the black not only in the windows and doors, but also as a ceiling accent on their back patio.

black ceiling with black windows outdoors

Decidedly modern and crisp, this home features a simple, sleek approach to its exterior. This makes that quatrefoil shaped pool that much more fabulous against the exterior of this home.

white exterior with black trim and pool

In my lifetime, I think I’ve likely had at least 500 different “dream backyard” images that I have sworn were “the one”… I LIED. This one below is definitely it, forevermore. 

Promise me you’ll click on the link below and scope out the exterior and all the perfect architectural features. There’s a pool, garden, water feature, espalier on the fence. I’d never leave this house. 

white house with black trim and garden
gorgeous swimming pool in house with white exterior black trim

Incorporating Awnings & Shutters

Adding in an awning is a good idea if you’re after those French style vibes. This sprawling estate with a white exterior, black trim, black windows and that charming awning is a must-see. 

white house with black trim and awning

If a French style exterior awning isn’t your thing, here’s a more traditional contemporary approach to a window awning. I love how the builder managed to make this home exterior modern, but not too modern, if you know what I mean. 

White Home paired with black trim

Going all in with the black and white color scheme by layering in black shutters AND a black front door makes this remodeled home shine. Loving those little topiaries framing the front door sidelights.

Remodeled home with white exterior and black trim

Unique Front Door Options

Having three giant windows as doors may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a great option for this house. The black panes add a bit of contrast and invite you to peek inside. Can you imagine this home during the holiday season? 

white home black trim glass doors

Many of the white exteriors seem to have big glass doors, which let in a ton of natural light and are gorgeous, but if you want a bit more privacy… beefy wooden front doors may be a good choice. This home exterior is quite simple, but the door does stand out.

Wooden door, white exterior black trim

A Colorful Front Door

The pop of color with orange on the front door makes this VERY modern home in Austin, Texas much more inviting. Also notice the tone-on-tone lighting– it just blends right into the exterior, which I like as an unexpected surprise.

The house interior is also swoonworthy if you love a modern aesthetic. 

modern white exterior with black windows and orange door

Lighting Options for White Houses with Black Trim

I dream of the day I will have a home that has gas lanterns in the front. As you can see, the oversized lanterns on this sprawling Beverly Hills Transitional home are charming and accentuate the stone cladded entryway. 

I love how many black windows the facade of this home has, too. It’s clean, timeless and sheer perfection.

gas lanterns white house black trim

In homes that are quite large, exterior lighting is all about scale. The grandeur of these lights makes an impact, and I also noticed how the address numbers are under the lantern on the left. Again, these subtle but meaningful architectural details really elevate the home’s exterior. 

The home below also has a gorgeous metal roof that adds to the timeless appeal of this sprawling estate.

white home black trim exterior

Architectural Styles for a White House with Black Trim

As an interior designer, I view the exterior of a home as the first impression, setting the stage for the interior design aesthetic. The combination of a white house with black trim offers a versatile canvas that can be adapted to various architectural styles, which we will explore below, each with its own unique charm and character.

Craftsman Charm:

craftsman style home: white with black trim and front door

Picture a cozy Craftsman-style home with its distinctive low-pitched roofs, exposed rafters, and inviting front porches. The combination of timeless white exterior and bold black trim accentuates the Craftsman’s emphasis on craftsmanship and natural materials. Add in some charming details like tapered columns and plenty of evergreen landscaping, and you’ve got a home that exudes warmth and character.

Modern Minimalism:

modern minimalism home: white with black trim and front door

For those who favor sleek lines and clean aesthetics, a modern-style home with white exteriors and black trim is a striking choice, especially when paired with wood accents. Think flat roofs, large windows, and geometric shapes softened by the contrast of black accents. This minimalist approach creates a timeless yet contemporary look that’s both elegant and understated.

Colonial Elegance:

classic colonial home: white with black trim and front door

Transport yourself to a bygone era with a stately Colonial-style home featuring white siding and black shutters. This iconic combination evokes a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication. Add in some symmetrical windows, a grand entrance with columns, and plenty of perennial flowers, and you’ve got a home that commands attention while retaining its classic charm.

Mediterranean Marvel:

mediterranean stucco home: white with black trim and front door

Dream of sun-drenched landscapes and breezy coastal vibes with a Mediterranean-style home. The combination of white stucco walls and black accents, such as wrought iron railings or trim, creates a striking contrast against blue skies and lush greenery. Add in some arched doorways, terra cotta roof tiles, and a charming courtyard, and you’ve got a home that transports you to the Mediterranean coast.

Farmhouse Flair:

white farmhouse-style home adorned with black trim. Imagine a sprawling front porch, board-and-batten siding, and gabled roofs accented by black window frames and doors

Embrace rustic charm and farmhouse chic with a white farmhouse-style home adorned with black trim. Imagine a sprawling front porch, board-and-batten siding, and gabled roofs accented by black window frames and doors. This cozy yet stylish look exudes a sense of warmth and hospitality, inviting you to relax and unwind in its welcoming embrace.

Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of Colonial architecture, the modern simplicity of minimalist design, or the cozy charm of Craftsman-style homes, there’s a perfect architectural style to complement your white house with black trim and reflect your personal taste and lifestyle.

Stucco Style Home

Proving that a white house with black trim isn’t exclusive to modern farmhouse, this Mediterranean style uses what looks to be a slightly off white color. I love how the garage door breaks up all the stucco and the tiny pop of pink in the landscaping also adds to its charm.

Mediterranean white exterior with black trim

Another lovely white exterior black trim Mediterranean style home is this luxury build with a jaw dropping entrance to the home. It looks like a fancy museum, but it is someone’s jawdroppingly amazing home in Westlake, Texas.

Also notice the arched windows flanking the front door- I appreciate this approach rather than the common use of sidelight windows. My fave front porch of the bunch, but I’d add in some seating to make it a bit more inviting.

white house black trim

White Painted Brick Home

The metal roof pops on this painted brick home really sets it apart from other white brick exteriors. This home has a modern look while also giving a nod to its likely traditional roots.

metal roof with white exterior and black trim

White Exterior Paint Color Options

It’s a little crazy how many shades of white paint there are out there, right? You have to think about undertones, how well it’ll coordinate with the trim color, front door color, the overall style of the home and even how it’ll look in relation to your neighbors’ house.

To me, these are the top 5 choices for a white exterior paint colors if you’re wanting to pair it with black trim.

  1. Snowbound by Sherwin Williams
  2. Alabaster by Sherwin Williams (Warm white)
  3. White Dove by Benjamin Moore
  4. Pure White by Sherwin Williams
  5. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

I will note that alabaster is a hair on the warm, creamy off-white spectrum, but it’s the white I have used on all the white walls in my home and it looks AMAZING with my tricorn black doors. 

Traditional white kitchen with marble floors and black interior pantry door

White House Black Trim Exterior Paint Color Examples

Whether you want a white brick house or white siding, these paint color examples below will help you refine your paint selection and make your DIY home improvement dreams come true.

The paint color is listed under each photo.

Snowbound by Sherwin Williams
Snowbound by Sherwin Williams
Alabaster by Sherwin Williams
White Dove by Benjamin Moore
Pure White by Sherwin Williams
Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

Black Exterior Trim Paint Color Options

Much like white, there are a lot of black paint color options. If you think black is black is black… think again! 

I’ve written about my favorite black paint colors for furniture, and essentially it’s tricorn black. End of story.

But truly, tricorn black is an excellent door and trim paint color because it is a true black with no undertones.

Black accents are a great way to add some drama and interest to your home whether it be outside or inside. Now, here are some other good options if you’re wanting a very nearly black paint color but not literal black.

  1. Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams (Popular choice)
  2. Iron Ore Sherwin Williams
  3. Black Magic Sherwin Williams
  4. Soot Benjamin Moore
  5. Black Beauty Benjamin Moore

White House with Black Trim Ideas & Paint Color Examples

These black trim exterior colors are a great launching point if you are on the prowl for swatches to try for your next painting project.

Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams
Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams; Source
Black Magic by Sherwin Williams; Source Within the Grove
Soot by Benjamin Moore
Black Beauty by Benjamin Moore

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